Taking Care of Mama~ I’m Just Peachy.

I don’t have much to share in the ‘weight loss’ category.  Still sitting at around -22 lbs.

But I can share about my gains.

Becoming friends with a neighbor, learning how to can peaches, and sharing our homeschool journey together this year~
these are all gains to my heart.

And just like canning, there are steps needed for a mama to take good care of herself.

to be prepared~ to always be prayed up,

have the right supplies~ Bibles and a good attitude,

doing things in the correct order~ God, others, you,

and to put some hard work into it ~ eating right & exercise!

What do you do to take care of you?


2 thoughts on “Taking Care of Mama~ I’m Just Peachy.

  1. yummy! you look so cute in these pictures! as a mom, I think it’s hard to take care of ourselves, like we should. I kno I often work hard at making everyone else happy, but i forget that I am important too.

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