L.I.F.E. Academy: week 3~ coo coo for coconuts.

‘me’ Sheri, and Shane (the neighbor)

Our week was full of fun, hands on things this week.  After all, the sun is out, public school is not even in yet, and well, I wanted a week of smiles!


Sherry had brought over a coconut to crack open with our preschool group.  I decided it would be fun to include the our older students too!

The Littles got to hammer the holes in the coconut, and the biggies “guess-timated” how much coconut water would be inside.  Sherry shared with us that young coconut are much more soft inside with more liquid, and that mature coconuts get more meaty as it absorbs the liquid.  Well, this coconut had much less liquid than any of us guessed!  And to our surprise…  as the coconut was cracked open we discovered it was rotten!  and my camera ran out of space on the card. (so we rushed to the store to get a new ds card and 2 more coconuts!)  We named the 2 coconuts the old man and the old woman (see 1st picture on top of post).

Round 2-  Grandma M even joined in on the fun!

Old Woman coconut had way more water than we had guessed!

ditto for the old man!

Rotten coconut = 4 0z
Old Woman = 22 oz
Old Man = 23 oz

Now the fun begins!  Everyone got a whack at it!


SUGAR CANE!  yep, now it was time to learn about sugar canes too!
courtesy of Sherry.  This is an older (er, mature) sugar cane.

It was tough inside and not so sweet at all.

Us mama’s, Sheri & Sherry, talked about how that is true with our hearts also.  When we are tough and rough on the inside, we are not so sweet on the outside.

The newer sugar cane was easy to slice slivers off of…

…and we all got a stick of sugar cane to suck on…
double YUMMY!

Earlier in the week the neighbors shared some apple-pears with us.

We also were able to observe some caterpillar nests.
Cute for now, but not so cute when an abundance of moths start flying around, blech!


A good motto for the year, for mamas and kids alike!

Katie-girl took some time to put this verse on her wall with Bendaroos!


We began to learn about the Sumerians this week… we will learn more about them next week.


All about adverbs, and using “ly” words to improve our essay writing.  Usually I like to teach about adjectives first, but amazingly it was easy to simply implement adverbs into our lessons while casually introducing ‘ly’ words.  *smile*


We took a virtual tour to view cave art, which was way cool.  We then went outside to crush chalk to create our own paint, thus designing their own “cave art” on crinkled grocery bag paper.

Next we added more water…

to the crushed chalk …

and did sidewalk art!


A Quatrain Poem

Hi, my my name is Shane,
and no, I’m not a pain,
My mom pulled out her hair,
and that gave me quite a scare.


Throw in our math lessons,  a trip to the library, Shane & Katie taking drawing lessons while TJ began his Spanish lessons, and our week was complete!


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