L.I.F.E. Academy~ week 2

Our week was fabulous.  Everyone is falling into a routine, and our daily rhythm is beginning to flow.  We did change our starting time from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. instead.  The one of the beauties of homeschooling is that one does not have to succumb to the stress of rushing the mornings.  I wanted to find a way to get all the “mommy to-do” things out of the way first thing in the morning so that our learning time could run smoothly… and it has!


We learned about the Ice Ages and dinosaurs, and how to support it from a creation-based stand point.  The kids then had fun putting dinosaur models together.  Some worked with a little more effort than others did *wink*


Noah’s Ark and how the flood impacted the environment.    Also discussed the Tower of Babel, and how man could have went the separate ways to all the ends of the earth (including the explanation of how Indians were already a part of the New World).

We are currently beginning to study Islamic Religion.    I want the kids to get an understanding of what Muslims believe as we study the different cultures of Egypt, Iran, & Saudi Arabia.    To know what we believe, why, and the answers we can give for our own bold faith.


Introduced chemistry by way of a practical joke, of sorts.

I stated a strong warning for Dihydrogen Monoxide.  How over exposure could lead to excess sweating and urination and possibly leading to a bloated feeling or nauseau.  Excess exposure in its solid form could lead to severe tissue damage.

Dihydrogen Monoxide:
can be found in streams and lakes.  It has even been found in antarctic ice!
May cause severe burns.
Contributes the erosion of our natural landscape.
Is also known as hydroxl acid, a major ingredient of acid rain.

Despite its fault, DMHO is often used as:
in nuclear power plants.
as a fire retardant.
is used in the spread of pesticides.

and I went on with all the warnings…. then I proceeded to explain the prefix Di-2, and Mon- 1.

2 hydrogen, 1 oxygen = H2O    *wink*  Yeah, they were amused.
Next week we will learn more about hydrogen.


Still working on Key Word Outlines.  Introduced the ease of 3 paragraph essays.  Discussed the simplicity of speeches, which we will continue once a week.  Writing, specifically, will not be a separate subject, but will be integrated with our existing subjects.  I will simply give them some writing tricks to add to their writing as they go.

Language Arts:

Introduced some adverbs, explained what infinitives are, and reviewed imperative sentences.

Fine Arts:

We discussed Prehistoric Cave Paintings, and attempted our own version of this.  =)

Vivaldi is our composer of the month, but admittedly we have not had a chance to cover much of this cept to listen in the background of our learning.

Triplet Poem:

The red car
went very far
in the tar.

Friday Fun Day:

With the weather going well into the 90’s, and with the neighbors having a garage sale, we decided it would be great for the kids to run a lemonade stand.

By the afternoon, business was slowing down and goofing off was more interesting.

The kids were a little taken back when I mentioned that the money earned was for charity and for our field trip fund.  Shane is still getting use to me, so he had to actually ask TJ if I was serious.  ba-ha buddy, most definitely am.  *wink*

Our generosity kicked in mid afternoon when the temperatures were at a high;
we gave away lemonade at this point.  I figure I was not interested in people getting overheated while perusing garage sales.

All-in-all it was a great week!

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