A 19 Day Vacation for All

Also known as respite care.

Grandma M was thrilled to go see her daughter in California.  There is no place she would rather be!  The great part about this is that Chanelle is a most fabulous host.  We knew Grandma M would love ANYTHING her daughter would put on the schedule; shopping, lunch, walking, beauty salon, swimming, dinners, etc.  There was a sense of relief knowing that she was well taking care of.

As for us left back at home, this was a time to do activities as a family that we really cannot do while Grandma M is here.


Go camping!

Go visit my parents!

Including going on our old nature trail with a 2nd cousin.  It is beautiful this time of year!

Go to a family reunion!

to get the opportunity to meet more 2nd cousins.

For me to visit a long lost high school friend!

who not only bought me lunch, but also gave me these beautiful roses!

Get school started, routines going, and prepare expectations.

We also just got ‘to be’.

We made pet rocks.

And were able to visit good friends.

To enjoy going swimming at a friend’s house.

To simply lay on my bed to rest for 10 min. without knowing I am watched.

To not keep inventory of toilet paper, chocolate chips, or sodas.

To have the kids eat at the table to avoid crumbs in the living room.
yes, this sounds weird I am sure, but when a person subtly lurks near your face while eating, said child will prefer to choose somewhere else to eat.

To come and go when we’d like, how we’d like, with whom we’d like…
this all made life feel somewhat normal.

Not complaining mind you; just reminiscing on what use to be our normal.

Swimming, hikes, friends, nature walks, etc…

It is what it is, our circumstance in life, our new normal now.

Everything has to be observed, all need to be encouraged, and everyone wants things to be different.

And we find hope in Christ, and we are faithful to trust in Him,

while we simply love one another, just as Christ Jesus first loved us!

3 thoughts on “A 19 Day Vacation for All

    1. Thanks Nicole! Been praying for your move! Good idea to lighten up on school til all gets settled. Sometimes life IS the lesson, eh? Especially when one is moving to another state! Social studies and geography are already in the mix! *smile*

  1. I am so glad you could have a few days to do some great family things. may God give you wisdom, strength and peace. And may you find His blessings in each day. What a great family to make this sacrifice for someone you love.

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