L.I.F.E. Academy~ week 1

Our 1st week went well!  The first week is always a test run right?  Building up into a routine and such!  After our Monday adventure, we were rather excited to enjoy the inside of our home on the 2nd day of school.  (ha!)


We started from the beginning~ creation!    Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, the generations to follow, and which lineage leads to Christ’s birth.

We also are starting our day with prayer.  Not something I have been very faithful to implement with my kids.   It is beautiful to hear these hearts praying!


Again, starting from the beginning~from creation.  We discussed Jubal (a Musician) and Tubal-Cain (a bronze & iron maker) and how inaccurate the concept of  cave people acting dumb is.  Yes, some folks probably lived in caves, but God gave us intelligence, and these two men show just how resourceful we, as humans, can be.

Language Arts:

Intro to Prepositional Phrases, followed by compound objects and compound subjects.

Working on homonyms with the long a sound.


Trying out EIW (Excellence in Writing) so we began  to understand the concept of Key Word Outlines, learning how to better summarize what we have read.   Most work has been oral review so far; we will begin to officially write next week.

Katie is also doing Virtual Language Alive with an online personal coach.  She works with reading, vocabulary, & writing skills, and gets professional feedback (so no rolling her eyes at her mama anymore *wink*).

the cute Sherry (not me, Sheri) with the big kids.


We spent an afternoon playing with Polymers;
Slime, Glurch, & Oobleck!

We also went over the 5 Kingdoms of living things for our Biology review.


Everyone is off to a good start!  Simply doing their assignments as needed!

Foreign Language:

Us mama’s (Sherry/Sheri) are discussing what we wanna do.  We think we will begin sign language in September at a co-op, but will probably begin Spanish as a group this coming week.  (Katie & I will continue our French as we can).


me Sheri (making a funny face?), not the cute Sherry, showing the ‘littles’ our apple tree.

Big A, little a

We begin again with a letter a week!  Ha, I’ve done this for so many years I could soon do it by braille (just kidding, sort of).

We went to the Ape Caves for our field trip.

We made an alligator craft.

We spent one day learning all about apples;
the variety of colors and flavors, and made an apple “smile” using peanut butter, apple slices, & mini-marshmallows!

Homeschooling?  We’re loving it!


4 thoughts on “L.I.F.E. Academy~ week 1

  1. I would REALLY like and enjoy if my sister lived closer to me. My kids would benefit sooo much from my sisters home school teachings. Much better and in depth than anything I could come up with. And sounds better than the public school system to boot…

    1. ba-ha, where’d you come from lil sissy? Peaking in on my crazy days, eh? =) Yeah, you know me, love spending time with the kiddos, any kiddos; the more the merrier. *smile*
      love you!

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