The 5 W’s of Our Homeschool


TJ- sophomore (my son)
Shane- 8th grade (neighbor)
Katie- 5th grade (my daughter)
Andrew- 2nd grade (my son)
Bryson- Preschool (my son)
Dustin- Preschool (a friend)
Shelbee- Preschool (a neighbor)


Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, & Religion


We begin Aug 06, 2012.
Our breaks include a week at the end of September, a week at Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Christmas, and a week at Easter.
Our last day is May 10th.


Bible is at the neighbors house.
Preschool is at my house.
Independent work is done at each child’s home.
Group studies will be at my house.
Science will be done at a co-op.
Nature studies will be outside *smile*


Our goals is to develop the character traits of;

Responsibility- to have control over appropriate behavior & events
Resourcefulness- to act effectively
Respectful- to treat others kindly
Reliable- to be trusted


How are we going to accomplish all these things?

Reading quality books,
Reciting what we have learned (aka narration),
Relating to what we have learned by corresponding with one another,
& Recording the information we have obtained (usually in the form of notebooking).

Any questions?

We are getting excited, school begins Monday!  yay!

Being a homeschooler rocks!

We will start by going on a field trip to the Ape Caves.

Woo hoo, adventures in spelunking!!

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