Camping Confessions


What I think camping should be:

vacation, a carefree way to get away, family fun time, fellowship, relaxing, food.

What camping usually is:

stressful, edgy, chaotic, grime with a bit of sticky added to it, sleepless, cold.

So I am not really a fan of camping.  Oh, I start out strong, thinking it will be great to get away.  Great for dear husband to have a few days off.  Great times filled with meaningful memories.  Then the bugs come out, the whining begins, the northwest sprinkles never quite stop, sand in pants, marshmallows in the hair, mosquitoes in the tent, littles who don’t sleep, etc… and I am so done after the first night.

Guess what?

We went to our church family camp this past week end.  and.  I loved it!

Yep, had the best time ever!

1.  The sun was perfect at the coast.  Beautiful and warm.  wow, what a mood enhancer.  *smile*

2.  No babies/toddlers to juggle through the chaos.  With Bryson being 4, and Andrew old enough to talk through the middle-of-the-night sensory issues, all went at night!

3.  We were camped at the end/edge of the group rather than smack in the middle of it all.  This worked well for our family.  Although we are a bigger family, and I myself am a social butterfly, er extrovert, we tend to like to have a low-key place to “just be’.  I was perfectly content to make the social rounds to say hello to folks.

4.  A 2 hour walk along the coast line with some lovely ladies makes for some guilt free snacking.  I stayed fairly on track from a nutritional stand point, just grazed more often than I should have.  Oh, and I did have some “pretty” coffee (I do believe a mocha w/ whip & nutmeg).

5.  Fred & I really got a sincere opportunity to fellowship.  Praying for others, one on one conversations, putting names to faces/faces to names of those we hadn’t officially met yet, worship & laughter, and of course wrapping it all up with Sunday school for the young ones.

6.  The kids had great friends to hang out with, and I got to snuggle with a friend’s sweet baby boy .  It doesn’t get better than that.  =)

7.  Dear hubby fixed up some steaks and crab…. yummy!!!  (and we all know how I love to cook, not)

8.  The kids endured a media free environment very well.  I wish I could say that shouldn’t be a factor in it all, but that wouldn’t be honest, eh?  *wink*  Fred & I were most pleased when we arrived home and the kids went outside to play rather than run to turn on a TV.

9.  Mostly, everything fell into place and went so smoothly; attitudes and activities.  I feel so blessed.

10.  Got home last night, unloaded the trailer, and headed to the laundry mat.  Yes siree, no laundry staring at me this morning!  woot!

What are your favorite things about camping? 

Anyone else just really not fond of it all? or am I just a lone stranger in it all?

Any helpful tips to share?  hint-hint.



3 thoughts on “Camping Confessions

  1. Sorry, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE camping . . . always have, always will.

    LOVE the family time … playing cards, hiking, swimming, staying up late.
    LOVE the great outdoors.
    LOVE roasting marshmallows over the fire (and gotta have s’mores).
    LOVE hearing the sounds of the forest from safe within my tent.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE camping/fellowshipping with friends.

    We even tent camped when we had 5 babies under 5. 🙂 One time we stayed longer than we had planned, so we boiled up some water on the fire and washed up some of the dirty cloth diapers. Hung them over a rope between the trees to dry. 🙂 Fun memories.

    We also like to vacation at cabins at the beach. 🙂

    1. see? all the things we should *love*, right?
      5 babies under 5 camping, now you da queen of all super-mom’s!
      I think the ocean park was helpful for me… no mosquitoes, and the ocean sounds are so soothing!
      Still confirming the exact dates at the end of sept. I’ll keep you posted! =)

  2. I am so glad you had such a good time! I loved being able to hang out with you. I hope you can go again, as well as my family. I can only imagine it gets better. I have so many fond memories of going on bike rides. playing games with friends and family, at dark.
    I agree, I think the weather being so lovely and beautiful helped tremendously. but, i think something else that helps, me, is being chill. not having too much of an agenda. And, it is so great when the kids are a little more independent and not so reliant on you for EVERYTHING. It was so great that everyone knew people and had friends to hang out with. The kids all loved playing together, and that was so great to watch.
    I didn’t come away bite free. I actually got bit quite a bit, but I tried to not let it get to me. I tell myself, it’s part of camping, and it’s worth it. And, we also tried to be prepared and bring candles and bug spray. Bugs must love me, because I am the only one who got bit, and I sprayed myself more than anyone else.
    It was a blessing getting to spend the weekend with you and your wonderful family!

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