A Summer Hobby

We have a house full of boys, and one lone girl.

This lone girl is enough action in herself.  Thankful God knew what he was doing.  She is bright, beautiful, and sometimes a little too bold, and I am grateful.  I appreciate that for as dramatic as she can sometimes get, that she is one self-motivated young lady!
Katie’s new interest of the season:  hairstyles.

She found a book at Goodwill that was all about braids and the like.

and me being a hairstylist in my past life… this has been fun!

and Katie gave it a go, and here’s her first attempt at a french braid…

And ofcourse the boys could not be left out…

ps…ignore that overflowing trashcan in the background…and yes, it is always like that *sigh*

Another fun “do”…

as Katie practices a ‘fishtail’ braid; something I have not mastered quite yet.  =)

And I have to admit after donating our hair 2 yrs ago, that we are both grateful to have hair long enough to play with again!!

It’s been fun to share a hobby with my daughter of something I am actually good at!

ba-ha, maybe someday she will be the one to help me in the kitchen, cuz that is something I am not good at!

5 thoughts on “A Summer Hobby

  1. so fun! i love to do both hair (braids) and cooking. i am glad this is something you can share. and who knows, even if she isn’t a cook, maybe on of your boys will be.

  2. Again: I soooo wish we were nearby each other! This totally brings back memories. In high school a couple of friends and I spent a great deal of quality time teaching each other how to french braid and reverse french braid (and I still remember how to do that! and have noooooo idea what happened in algebra…)

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