Discovering grace in the Kitchen

I hope it is worth it.

Cooking is not my gift.  Frankly, not only am I not gifted, but get easily overwhelmed when trying new things.

Here is my rant today (in my brain, mind you)…

I hate this, why am I doing this, there is absolutely nothing rewarding about messing up, making messes, all on the cringe that all this work may not even be edible.   (isn’t that a pretty attitude?  not.)

Now back to the beginning…

Did I mention we have cherries?  oh yes, just the other day, didn’t I?
hmmm, cherry pie? (my last pie was an ugly flop btw, like 8 yrs ago)
cherry cobbler?
someone mentioned syrup (yumm, still may try that…)

So I scoured the internet on Cherry Pies, pulled a recipe, and the games began…

Katie has to ‘do it all’ (she will do well in the kitchen)
Bryson decides he will cut the cherries (with, yes, a sharp knife, ack!)
Grandma M, bless her heart, wants to help too, in which I suggest she pit the cherries
Katie and I decide to make raspberry jam while waiting on Grandma M
(no details here, but three attempts and an hour later I simply began my own cherry pitting adventure)
and Bryson and Katie have a little too much fun smashing the raspberries (for said jam).
I have no sugar *gasp* and run to the store.  Then the Cherry Pie making fun begins…
until I realize I have no tapioca (really?) and throw the recipe out.
I pull up a new and improved idea while Andrew decided to “create” his own concoction in the kitchen,
to which Katie (thankfully) helps out.
and viola… finally, some several hours later and a extremely messy kitchen later,
the Cherry Crisp makes it into the oven…

Now dear husband gets home to have the first piece with Katie eagerly in line behind him,
and my (crummy) attitude changes from “I have to make a Cherry Pie” to “I get to make a Cherry Crisp”.

yeah, I know, not very inspirational, but I survived with a good attitude at the end, so there has to be a lesson in this somewhere, lol.


2 thoughts on “Discovering grace in the Kitchen

  1. One of my coworkers thinks that there’s a pie-making gene. Neither my mother nor I have it. We do, however, share the crisp/cobbler gene!

  2. i like crisps better than pies. hope yours turned out yummy. it looks great! and hope the time was well spent together learning 🙂

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