Let’s celebrate Independence Day!

…to celebrate freedom in this country.

Freedom to still do fireworks… although it is becoming a limited access opportunity.

Freedom to be a great dad…
while being aware of the fight for parenting.

Freedom to educate how we see fit~
as Katie creates ‘duct tape’ wallets with her friend in the process of learning money management.
She is house/pet sitting for our neighbor for a week.  The responsibility has been good for her.


Freedom to have any size family we want~
whether that is none or many…
personally I think we could have our own parade when we go on our family walks.  *smile*

Many freedoms should be treasured, although logically it should be a fundamental right:

The freedoms of religion, speech, press, to assemble and petition the government to remedy grievances.

The freedom to own firearms.

The freedom not to be forced to house U.S. soldiers during peace.

The freedom from police searches or seizures w/o warrant and probable cause.

The freedom of having rights when accused of crimes.

The freedom to trial and jury.

The freedom against cruel and unusual punishments or large fines

The freedom to respect other peoples rights (simplified in Sheri-style)

The freedom to have power divided evenly amongst all;
the legislative (Congress) for national laws, executive for presidential laws, and judicial for Supreme Court/federal court cases that arise under the laws.

We use this day, the fourth of July, to reflect on what the founding fathers established for this great nation, and for all those ‘average’ men who fought for these freedoms with an amazing courage.

On to another American topic:

Andy Griffith dies.  May his show (the Andy Griffith Show) continue to bless folks around the world by reminding us what ‘community’ is about, morals, family values, overcoming obstacles, patience, and respect of self and others.  Yes, indeed, this lost art of society shall be missed (and something to strive for).

Ok… I am off to enjoy this blessed day with my family.

The big boys are down at the church decorating for VBS
while I prepare some afternoon fun courtesy of Almost Unschoolers.

God bless you all,
and God bless America.

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