Home School Convention~

Can I just say I have mixed feeling about a Home School Convention?

I went to my very 1st one this week end.  Yes, I have been homeschooling over a decade, and this was a first.  Why have I avoided going to one?  (because yes, I have avoided them).  Because I find it to be similar to a mall.  I do not favor malls.  Why?  because I think it entices us (me) to spend foolishly.

Now that I spent 2 days at one, I want to share the pros and cons of it all.  (all my own opinion, of course.)


Around groups of like-minded folks sharing ideas.
Motivational Speakers- I favored a very real, very likable Diana Waring.
An opportunity to encourage other homeschoolers.
Enjoyed the week end company of a good friend.


So MANY choices can easily make you second guess what you already know is best for your children.
The $ to get in could have easily bought our school supplies for the year.
Easy to impulse shop.


*An adorable homemade dress for Katie (I couldn’t resist).
*consumable grammar books that I already needed to purchase.
*10 missionary books from Ywam.
*5 classic readers from the used-curriculum area.


Not really over-zealous to go again.  Shopping online when necessary suits me fine, lol.

That being said… I would jump at the chance to go if I knew my dear friend Joanne was speaking.
and I would be willing to go if my beautiful hometown friend‘s dear friend, Ann, was going to speak.
I think that is called favoritism.  *smile*  and, yes, I would go again if a friend asked me to go.

Bryson helped Daddy work on the car while I was gone.  Nick took all the younger sibling to lunch. and the littles took Grandma for a walk (with Daddy’s guidance), so it was nice that I wasn’t missed much.  *smile*


7 thoughts on “Home School Convention~

  1. When my son was in K and we were first starting to homeschool, a nearby convention offered free registration to families whose oldest child was 5 or younger and had never been to a convention before. The price was right, so I went! I did not find many (any?) of the speakers to be very inspiring, but I really enjoyed looking at all the curriculum options since reading piecemeal about them online doesn’t give me a full picture. And I was just starting out, so I hadn’t seen much! I haven’t been back since….. I’d go for free again, but I’m not really excited to pay!

    1. I love the dress too. She’s always searching for “old-fashioned” modest dresses on line, so it was fun to actually get one. I Joanne speaks down in Cali sometime, I’ll come down and see you both! *cheesy grin!*

  2. I’ve been homeschooling 18 years and I’ve never been to a convention for similar reasons as you. I was to go to our state’s one this year as one of their official bloggers but got sick and couldn’t. Maybe next year I can give a good review from a veteran viewpoint.

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