Homeschool Planning

My favorite time of year; planning & scheduling.

Pondering what our up and coming school year is going to look like.  What we will study as a group, what will be individualized.  I peruse through my favorite books, gleaning ideas as I go.  Topics, time frames, and more…

I am currently going through a book study with a couple of moms on line.  I love Ruth Beechick’s methods, I find it complements our Robinson Curriculum ideals with our Charlotte Mason flair.

You Can Teach Your Child Successfully; effective ideas, proven techniques, easy to apply.

My favorite organization tools is PLANNERS!

With our size of family, I am a calendar crazed mama.  color codes and dates are a must.

For the wall, I have used the FLYlady calendar for years, merely for the space it provides on each day.  This year I received a FREE wall calendar with my Well Planned Day Planner.  We’ll see how it does.

I use two types of Planners.

The School Student Planner


For the younger students, I fill in what needs to be done.  They check it, or add a sticker on each subject when they are done. The above planner is Andrew’s 2nd grade planner.  We will still be working on phonics, handwriting (copywork), and practicing his reading.  He will be finishing Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons this summer, and I have chosen him to move on to The Phonetic Reader to solidify his progress.  Our goal is to have him confident to begin the RC reading list by 3rd grade, although we will already be adding some of the books to our read aloud list this year.

For the older students (usually 3rd grade and above) they will fill in what they have done as they go.  Nothing is worse than planning endless hours of ‘ideal’ scheduling, only to slack somewhere (or in Katie’s case, advance way ahead of the game or go on her little rabbit trails of learning) to not have the lessons line up to the dates.  This also teaches the kids independence and accountability; a win/win, right?

These planner are fabulous for keeping as a scrapbook too.  The kids can look back at what they did, and there is a place where you can store special papers too. (or samples of math, writing, etc..)  It is also proof, if ever needed, as to what was being done and when.  Our state is very lenient with homeschooling laws, but this always gives me peace of mind anyways.   After all, you never know when one need to move, eh? (a sarcastic remark after moving 3 times in 3 years).

btw, Joanne, the mom who created these planners is the most fabulous person.  Always encouraging, full of humor, with a keep it real attitude.  love this lady!

The Well Planned Day Planner


I use this planner as my  “mom/teacher/be a good wife” planner.

Ok, so I write in pencil, so you can’t really see it, because life happens, and things change… a lot.

It has everything I need to run my house efficiently.

*anniversary/birthday chart
*financial budget page
*household chore guide
*”responsibility” cards for the kids to stay on track Chores and school subjects.
*Teacher schedule~ a guide on our Rhythm of the Days.
*Monthly Calendar page includes tracking for book lists, field trips, and monthly bills.
*tear out shopping lists
*weekly calendar page includes subject slots along w/ a list for priorities, dinner menu planning, and encouraging scriptures.
* Christmas planning pages
*progress reports, attendance charts, and report cards (for up to 4 students)

Getting our workboxes (aka drawers) organized is also done during the planning stages.

This year Bryson will get his own set of drawers also.  *smile*

*like the no-water in our water fountain?  our nature area slacks a bit in the summer months, lol.

Things planned out so far:

*Our first day of school, our fall breaks, Christmas break, and spring break, along with the last day of school.
*Our curriculum/subject choice of the year.

Things still being planned:

*Our “1st Day of School party”!  *smile*
*Still pondering how Bryson’s year is headed.  Watching for readiness signs to guide my ideas.
*mentoring a neighbor mama towards homeschooling, and am pondering how her son can best join our afternoon activities.

Prayer & Planning:

In all things, prayer is a must.  To take the time to be still, listen, ponder, & wonder; letting Christ lay out the plans He has for us.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

disclaimer:  all link are non-affiliate.  just a simple mom sharing what she loves.  *wink*

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Planning

  1. I just wanted to thank you for The Phoenetic Reader in the picture above, I just finished printing it. I tooks a good deal of time to review when you first put up this blog post. This looks like a great transition for my 2nd grader we will probably only do the 2nd half of it. Do you always use this after Teach your Child How to Read in 100 Easy Lessons? Which phonics workbook if any do you use? We’ve used Explode the Code and Adventures in Phonics by Christian Liberty and I am not totally satisified with either of these. Well, see you on the Robinson Curriculum loop. In Him, Kyle Suzanne

    1. Actually, after 100 Easy Lessons, I have never had to use any phonics program, just kind of naturally came across ‘rules’ to share (like all those silly ‘exceptions’, lol). I love the Phoenetic Reader, and feel it is a bit of a treasure found! =) We are only half way through 100 Easy Lessons, but I think we will still move forward with the PR when we start school; like you, I think it is a great transition for my 2nd grader (although we will start at the beginning, cuz he will need the extra reinforcement). Also since you are from the RC loop, Prof “K” spelling is beneficial for phonics in a word family sort-of-way.
      Thanks for dropping by!

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