Television Viewing….

What to watch and how much.

I was kindly asked to be a guest T.I.P.ster,
where some beautiful moms care and share with each other and with others!

Topic at hand:  Television viewing.

to be or not to be…

a T.V. watching family?

I find this to be a touchy subject,
especially within the homeschooling community.

It gets even trickier when you opt to have TV in your home,
but are picky about your choices.

If we say “we don’t watch that” in our home,
some will roll their eyes.

If we say “we watch this” in our home,
some will give the furrowed brow.

Ultimately, each family has to set their own standards.

Be willing to listen to the Lord’s guidance for your own family.

Always be open to share with your children “the why” you choose what you choose.

Our No’s:

1.  Shows that portray Dad as an idiot.
That just eliminated 50% of TV time right there, eh?

2.  Shows that are risque in attitude or attire.
example:  Dancing with the Stars.  This is one that gets the eye roll, lol, but how can I discuss and expect modesty from my daughter yet be willing to subject our eyes to what we deem inappropriate?

3.  98% of R-rated movies, and 85% of PG13 rated movies.
Rated R is allowed in our home when it is based off a history documentary.  ie usually war related.  We are cautious of little eyes, thus a teen age-limit is required along with parental supervision.    Let’s face it, war is not pretty, and with us raising 5 boys, I want them to know what war is about.  ( a post in itself, I suppose).
As for PG13 (and PG for that matter), we use the 3 strikes, it’s out method.
examples:  adult innuendos ~ strike 1; Lord’s name in vain ~ strike 2; glamorized drinking ~ strike 3.
We have turned off more shows this way, even shows that were originally referred to us.

4.  Vampires/witchcraft.
Let’s face it, the majority of vampire themed shows are seductive by nature, not to mention dark.

Our YES:

Family Classics~ Andy Griffith Show, Leave it to Beaver, I love Lucy.
Old Cartoons ~ Mickey Mouse, Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes.
Survival/Nature shows ~ Man vs Wild, National Geographic, I shouldn’t be alive.
Sports ~ although we avoid commercials.  Thankfully, soccer is best with this, cuz at halftime when there is commercials the kids are out playing soccer!  Superbowl halftime is a guaranteed shut off *wink*

A Few of Our Favorites:

Cosby Show
Liberty Kids
Myth Busters

TV Time:

We don’t necessarily restrict TV time.  I tend to find activities to implement throughout our day that keep us connected to each other rather to the tube.  Avoid boredom and TV becomes less of an option.  just simply how we do it.

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8 thoughts on “Television Viewing….

  1. Great post!

    In 30 years of marriage, Jim & I have watched 2 “R” rated movies. The first “Black Hawk Down”. Our son was stationed in Iraq and he told us, “If you really want to know what life is like for me, watch this movie.” the 2nd was when the crucifixion movie came out a few years ago . . . “Passion of Christ”??? Both shows were very powerful, and very appropriate for our purposes.

    Kids newest favorite “t.v. show” (I bought the series at Costco): Gilligan’s Island. They are LOVING it. They also like “Beverly Hillbillies”, along with “The Waltons” and “Little House”.

      1. Haven’t heard about Hulu before, I’ll check it out. Mr. Ed would be a good choice, and Grandma would probably enjoy it too, that would be a win/win. *smile*

    1. Gilligan’s Island…forgot about that one, lol. Black Hawk Down is one the “guys” have watched. We figure if we are gonna pray for the troops, they should know the ‘why’ behind the prayers.

  2. your rules sound like us. we are not big fans of tv time and we really monitor what the kids watch. which is why they don’t get to watch tv hardly ever. I am ok with that. 🙂 I’d rather them play and use their imagination; run around outside and burn off energy; read a book; do a puzzle… all these other things to get their minsd flowing, instead of make them a vegetable.

  3. We choose not to have cable, but do have a TV and rent from Netflix. I highly recommend a Clearplay DVD player for those who are worried about blasphemy, innuendos, nudity, disrespecting parents, etc. You can preset features as to what you want filtered to suit your family. We purchased one 3 years ago and it has been one of our best investments ever! You can only get it online at and download filters from their site to a flashdrive that goes into the player.
    We stay away from movies with lots of witchcraft, vampires, horror and the like. We have been able to watch most ‘R’/‘PG13’/ ‘PG’ movies with our clearplay player and they have cleaned up nicely and even the younger kids can watch.

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