Summer ~ as is.

Summer break has begun in the Pacific North West…

We have had a few dry days, but overall, it has been our typical wet.

I am thinking I probably should have added “puddle jumping‘ to our Summer Bucket List.

It’s all good though, as we simply look at it as ‘liquid’ sunshine and still go about our days.  *smile*
busy checking off our Summer Bucket list as we go…

Making homemade ice cream.

#63~  Went to the ZOO.

#30~  Went to the Christian Children’s Theater to see Frog and Toad.

#64~ Cloud watching… this was an amazing pink scenery!

#49~  Went berry picking in our backyard *wink*
Ok, so we still plan to go blueberry and raspberry picking at the farms in July.  *smile*


#43~  Created a new fire pit in our backyard, so of course we HAD t0 roast hotdogs and have some S’mores!  It was a great family night that wrapped up with Dad telling a ‘scary story’ per Andrew’s request.  The story of choice… Jesus betrayed by Judas.  (the guard getting his ear cut off counts as scary, right?)

#24~  Since my dear friend Angie discovered that I listed “silhouettes” twice, I thought the first one could be “chalk” silhouettes.  *cheesy grin*    The kids had fun tracing life-size outlines of themselves.  I did not let them trace me, some how, with children, I always get a much larger round about tracing than I already am *snort*.

#22~  Bird watching… OH MY… the birds we have been out to see!  We go on these fabulous nature walks (ie 6 mile hikes on the outskirts of town) and are viewing an endless supply of nature all around.  I MUST remember my camera one of these times!  We have seen a itty bitty featherless dead baby bird, blue jays, chickadees, pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and an incredible display of a hawk swooping down 20 feet in front of us to snag a rabbit by the head and glide across the field to land.  Yeah, my mouth was hanging drop dead open.  Hawks are larger up close than I realized.  btw… I don’t think those crows count on our list.  We also “hear” a group of owls, but for the life of me, we can’t spot them as of yet.

We also see horses, goats, cows, & deer on a regular basis.  =)

I am loving the freedom of our days… rain or shine, we are finding plenty to do around here!

God reigns and His son shines.  Be blessed friends….


4 thoughts on “Summer ~ as is.

  1. how was your homemade ice cream? what flavor did you make? wow, I can’t believe how many berries you have gotten from your garden. that’s awesome! your walks sound you take even your littlest ones? If you are willing, we’d love to join you sometime. I love going on walks. 🙂 way to take advantage of summer, regardless of the weather. you rock!

    1. Vanilla… your boys could make it! *smile*
      My oldest 4 go for the hikes around town (right past your house even, lol), but we also do a nature walk most fridays (or atleast some sort of nature observation) in which we would LOVE to have you and the boys join us! last year our obsession was all about trees, this years focus is all about birds. Chat more at the park…

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