Being a Mom is Priceless.

ALL ages enjoy “Highlights” magazines…

Yesterday was a fabulous day!

Nothing extraordinaire happened really,
just simply the treasure of spending the day with ALL of my children.

Yes, we all live under one roof as of yet, but with 2 adult sons who work full time, and a vast array of ages & interests, I have realized to enjoy the little nuggets of family time that we do get.  One day they will all be grown and gone (i do realize that will be another 15 yrs or so, lol) and my prayer is that they remember the ‘family connection’.  You know, the embracing of each other regardless of the gender, personality, age, talents, quirks, etc…

I am very well aware of them leaving the nest, moving away, living their own lives.  Those are all normal things.  Joe, although back home for a season while preparing to get married, has lived on his own for 3 yrs.  We did see less of him, he did live a state away… but the beauty came when we did get to see him.  Although the geographical distance was real, the connection was still there.  I did question if the ‘baby’ would get the joy of really knowing his oldest brother, after all, there is a 20 yr age gap.  It was silly to even question it; their relationship just simply clicks.

Highlights of my day:

Going to our local family hangout to have Pizza. along with Joe’s fiance and Nick’s girlfriend.  They had spit ball fights, an abundance of tattoos, and lots of laughs.

Bryson (4) (who struggles with eye contact and talking to people, which is a blog post in itself)  who runs up to Joe, “Hey Joe, can I give you a hug?”  That’s cute enough, but having biggest brother beaming with a grin is quite precious too.  *wink*

Seeing all the ages enjoying the Highlights magazines… riddles, jokes, stories, all to be had.

Katie-girl making paper airplanes and paper ‘claws’ for her brothers.

TJ knowing how to distract his aspie brother when he is becoming distraught about something.

Nick inviting his girlfriend over rather than spend time away from the family.

Amber, the daughter-in-love to be, who puts up with this giddy mom asking about wedding colors and plans.

Andrew embracing his reading lessons, willing to go through flashcards, wanting to read another chapter in his book.

Listening to the laughter of my dear husband & the littles as they watch Funniest Home Videos.

Grateful that the ‘angel’ that visits Grandma M has turned out to be a beautiful success.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like such a simple day…

but to me it was priceless.

3 thoughts on “Being a Mom is Priceless.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day!

    My youngest and oldest are 18 years apart (and oldest joined the army at age 19 and spent 4 years away) are SO CLOSE. You can’t imagine how tight their bond is. Makes this mommy HAPPY!!! And … youngest LOVES being an uncle now, to oldest’ new son.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. love that you had such a great day! it’s the simple and small things that make it so great. thanks for sharing a glimpse of your family. love you guys!

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