Changes in the House

School’s out for summer…

yet learning continues.  Katie-girl finds textbooks fascinating.  I am in the process of trying to sell a lot of our homeschool curriculum.  There are 2 reasons for this:

1.   It is time to let go.  We really favor the Robinson Curriculum, and our old stuff only tempts me to question myself every summer.  It kind of reminds me of the hoarder’s mentality; “I may need it someday”.

2.  I need money for my super-awesome printer to prepare for next years books.  The upside to a fabulous printer is the ease in which books are made… the downside is the cost of ink.  Gratefully it lasts for quite some time once I am stocked.

Anyways, Katie is devouring the science books before I sell them.  Kind of funny how these books are intended for a semester of a school year, and she finishes reading through them in about a week.  She does that with the Health books too.

Bryson begins chores…

Now that he is 4, he is at the age of helping.  Unloading silverware, unloading the dryer, and picking up one’s own toy mess are all required now.  *smile*

Our ‘adopted’ big kid….

has made it to the end.  He graduated high school today.  Justin has moved back home with his parents for now.  7 months went by fast!

An angel on her way…

we are getting help in the home.  I am a caring person but not a caregiver.  What is the difference you might ask?  I care about my dear m.i.l.  I want her to be safe, clean, happy, nutritionally balanced, etc… but my emotions (caring too much) gets in the way.   Grandma M not wanting help but really needing it has put a huge stress on me.  We love her, but she needs more care than is in my comfort zone.  She really needs constant supervision that I just cannot provide while still having a house full of children here.  My kids are needing more of me than I have been available for.  It is a fine line to share the struggles of dementia while still being respectful of the privacy of that said person. My hopes in sharing what vague parts I do, is to encourage others who face this journey.  This is not really something you can ever prepare yourself for, yet much prayer guides our days.  This next step is to get a care provider in our home 3 days a week for 4 hours per day.  I am hoping this transition goes smoothly (it is not being received well), as to be more prepared for our next school year in which the children will need their teacher (me) more focused on them.

Another daughter in the future…

Joe & Amber are getting married!  yay!
They are looking at summer of 2013.
They have some pretty cool ideas already mapped out for the wedding.
Woo Hoo ~ we are excited!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Changes in the House

  1. My dad had Alzheimers and he was with me for five years. The last year he was in a care facility. For about a year I had him in adult “day care” during the day while I worked. It got him out of the house for a bit, gave him some stimulation and allowed me to care for him at home for longer then I would have otherwise been able.

    1. Bless you Carol, it’s an interesting journey. My hope is she will embrace the companionship also. She is so young (not even retirement age yet) and is not interested in any hobbies whatsoever, which makes for some odd days indeed. So, how did you ‘do it all’ with kids still home? My older kids do well under the challenge, but the littles get overwhelmed… often.

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