Takin’ Care of Mama~ finding my food groove.

Breakfast anyone?

So I am going along well with this new food journey I am on.  I really am not looking at this at a diet, but rather life choices.  I am not legalistic about it at all, but just simply prefer the most natural options.  I really feel comfortable with the fruit, veggies, nuts & seeds, and light protein.  Basically, food the way God designed it.  I do not focus on numbers such as calories & portion sizes, nor weight, size, or inches of myself.  I eat when I feel hungry, which by the way, is a lot less often now that I am not filling my gut with empty calories.  And I admit it; I love juicing.  I look forward to my daily late afternoon juice concoction.  I find it filling, and helps me to make sensible decisions at dinner time.

Trying new things.

Our Andrew lives off the classic ‘beige’ diet that is common for aspies.    The main staples of life for him currently are grilled cheese, cheerios, crackers, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, chips, etc.

He goes through a season of his “favorites”;
age 15 month to age 3 was bananas, a lot of them, all the time.  then he stops. period. no more bananas.
age 3 -6 was waffles with peanut butter, and peanut butter sandwiches.  then out of the blue, done.
His newest crave… mind you that he has texture and gag issues… eggs… fried eggs to be exact.
Would never have dreamed he would have ever tried eggs.  Matter of fact, I phoo-phooed cooking them up because I didn’t take him seriously.  When I got back from taking Katie-girl to piano lessons, Daddy had cooked up 3, THREE fried eggs!  Now he insists on eggs every day.  Now I don’t know how truly healthy THAT many eggs is, so I try to limit him to 1 egg a day at this point.   Still won’t touch a piece of fruit or a vegetable, but hey, wonders never cease around here.

Bryson will like it; he eats everything!

Yes, this child eats anything.  I always have to make sure to have plenty of whatever is on my plate.  Took me a week to figure this out.  Serve the kids lunch, then would sit down to enjoy my precious salad only to have Bryson devour.it.all.  I think by day 5 I was about to devour his head.  Ofcourse the logical thing was to adapt as necessary.  Dave’s Killer Bread is my new love at one slice a day… and yes, I am sharing it with this sweet child of mine.

As I focus on healthier decisions, I am seeing better choices being made by my family.  Yes, they still eat junk, but I see them leaning towards better choices first.  I am seeing them choose a piece of fruit with their sandwich instead of chips.

My dear husband has been very supportive.  Does juicing with me, encourages me, and was willing to go walking with me this week end.  4 plus miles; it was almost worth calling it a ‘date’.  no kids, great conversation, and I loved it!  *smile*

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