Anyone else?

Anyone’s calendar look this messy?

Anyone’s school area look this messy?

Anyone’s office look this messy?

As the calendar clears out for June,
I am attacking the school room and office this week.

Ahhh, I use to be so organized and tidy…
ok, so maybe a bit OCD.

Now?  well now, with so much going on,
we have leaned on survival mode
while hitting slumps of reality in our circumstances.

So it is time for this mama to pull it together,
get our daily rhythm flowing again,
not let ‘caring too much’ suck the joy out of her.

I am looking forward to the clean slate of summer!

~do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”
~Nehemiah 8:10

3 thoughts on “Anyone else?

  1. yes. yes. and yes.

    I used to be a “neat freak” before I had a dozen kids. 🙂

    I, too, am so looking forward summer. I am ready to be done with the chaos and craziness of 5 kids in spring sports.

    “Survival mode” . . . oh so done with that, as well. Praying for a PERMANENT and FULL-TIME job for Jim. (2 possible teaching jobs at a nearby district)

    Love ya!


  2. Today I looked around and could see clutter on every surface. I don’t think well with clutter, though, so I tackled while all the kids were out in the sprinkler (and mud). I had the house looking pretty good until the muddy kids came inside. 😉

    Hey, I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a guest post for our bi-monthly T.I.P.sters. We need someone for June 19 when we write on TV Viewing (What to Watch and How Often). If you are interested, e-mail me ( and I’ll give you details.

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