Our Summer Bucket List

1.  Read 1,ooo pages.
2.  Make pretzels.
3.  Skip rocks.
4.  Go to Ape Caves.
5.  Ice cream sundae party
6.  Make sun prints.
7.  Go park hopping.
8.  Star gaze.
9.  Make a wind chime.
10. Play sponge tag.
11. Learn bird calls.
12. Have a bike wash.
13. Go to Wild Waves.
14. Build a birdhouse.
15. Make taffy.
16. Excavation project (aka digging up dinosaurs)
17. Have a tea party.
18. Go to Grandma & Grandpa’s.
19. Make homemade ice cream.
20. Play frisbee golf.
21. Create an obstacle course.
22. Go bird watching.
23. Have a lemonade stand.
24. Make sillouttes.
25. Go to a Farmer’s Market.
26. Play post office.
27. Shave w/ Daddy.
28. Build a sand castle.
29. Observe a sand castle contest.
30. Go to a play at a Children’s theatre.
31. Make cookies, visit an elder couple.
32. Have a “Drive-In” night.
33. Visit a farm.
34. Fly Kites.
35. Go on a treasure hunt.
36. Make Sun Tea.
37. Create pet rocks.
38. Go to VBS.
39. Make a compass.
40. Learn & go orienteering.
41. Have a camp out in our backyard.
42. Go hiking.
43. Roast hotdogs & marshmallows.
44. Make a children’s book w/ illustrations.
45. Play balloon tennis.
46. Go white water rafting.
47. Create mini-marshmallow constructions.
48. Make stepping stones.
49. Go berry picking.
50. Create sock puppets.
51. Have a scavenger hunt.
52. Feed ducks.
53. Go camping.
54. Have a picnic.
55. Make a pinata.
56. Go ice-skating.
57. Create mosaics.
58. Have a PJ party.
59. Make milk-carton boats.
60. Go to a beach.
61. Wash cars.
62. Take an alphabet tour around town.
63. Go to zoo.
64. Enjoy cloud watching.
65. Make a Popsicle puzzle.
66. Go fishing.
67. Play hotel.
68. Ice cube paint.
69. Make edible play dough.
70. Go bowling.
71. Tie-dye t-shirts.
72. Make sillouttes.
73. Create salt-clay sculptures.
74. a random kindness ding-dong-ditch.
75. Travel the World.  *wink*

Thou shalt not have any summer time boredom-ness.

14 thoughts on “Our Summer Bucket List

  1. Sounds so fun!! I sure wish I lived near you, would be fun to join in! How do you make edible play dough?

  2. I just told the kids today that we need to make a Summer Fun List … for Sunshiny Days and for Rainy Days. I think I’ll peruse yours for some more fun ideas.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I wanna spend the summer with you, too! I think our list for summer is something like:

    1. try not to spend any money

    2. try to get rid of blackberry bushes

    3. give up on getting rid of blackberry bushes

    4. eat blackberries

  4. Go to cousin’s Wedding – July 21st ;P Just thought I would add that one on their for you. I wish I would be that productive over the summer. By list consistd of pressure wash & paint house, wash baseboards, 2 weddings, garage sale, lots of reading, madison piano lessons! a day atteh beach! Other then that we shall see

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