Family Reflection

I recently discovered that I have a few more family members who read this little ole blog than I had previously thought.  For them, and for those friends who love me too, I thought I would give a random update on how each person in this house is doing.

Bryson (4)~
Loving the beautiful weather!  Endless soccer playing, water play, mud cakes, & neighbors to play with too.  He is now a big boy 4, and is really trying to use his words better.  Big and little all at the same time.

Andrew (7)~
is finally humming along with his reading lessons.  Yay!
He has been off Bee Pollen for a couple of weeks (we ran out), and wow, what a difference in his coping abilities.  His allergies and emotions have sky-rocketed.  TJ & I came to the conclusion that the bee pollen is a must.  I also have added magnesium (for tics) & calcium (for bones/growth) to his nutritional plan.  For new readers, this is our sweet aspie boy (asperger syndome).  He has sensory issues; lights, sounds, textures, etc along with emotional stimulation also.  He eats in terms of nutrition, so supplements are necessary.  His newest quirk is a fear of bugs; mosquitoes, flies, bees, gnats.   Need to work him through this, or it will be a very dull summer for this boy of mine.

Katie (10)~
is in such a fabulous stage.  Helpful, encouraging, joyful… love this age!
She has a special interest in babies right now.  Absolutely *loves* them!  Quite a natural too, as she easily carried a newborn around last week.  (Reminds me of me at that age *sniff*)  She also has such an evangelical heart.  When Savannah spent the last month with us, Katie read devotions to her, giving her life lessons to apply at home.  Currently she is lovingly bringing out our Children’s Bible to read to the neighbor kids (and the neighbor’s daycare kids).  These are very kind, yet unsaved friends.  The oldest boy mocks it a bit, and tries to distract the little ones, but Katie patiently continues her Bible-telling adventures of all the amazing people of the Bible and who God is.

TJ (15)~
is my right hand man.  The go-to guy.  I try not to take advantage of his servant heart.  He babysits when necessary, he walks with me when I need it, he supervises Grandma M when I am out, he bails me out of having to cook (aka he BBQ’s), he distracts the littles (aka plays) so I can get my chores done, and he always listens to me with the ability to keep an objective view of things.  He wants to fish more with Joe.  His dad wants to start Krav Maga classes with him this summer.

has a girlfriend.  is going to prom.  *grin* needs money.  randomly gets a landscaping job for 2 weeks.   I think he is hoping this job will continue through the summer…
Ok, so the cool part about the prom, considering that he graduated last year, is that his good friend through soccer/homeschooling years is also going.  one last lone thing to do to wrap up these common years together.  It seems fitting.  *smile*

Joe (23)~
working, preaching, fishing, dating a fabulous girl, going to a men’s Bible study, walks with me when I ask, pays rent and saves money, relates well with his dad, and interacts with his siblings when he can.   nice.  really, really nice.

Justin (18)~ adopted big kid (as Mama D likes to say)
is wrapping up his senior year.  3 more weeks til graduation.  He will then move back home.  He’s a good kid, and we are hoping he learned about grace and unconditional love while he was here.

Grandma M~
is doing well considering her circumstances.  needs help/hates help.    given unconditional love/doesn’t see it.  grace adorns her days/can’t accept the now of today.   She loves us.  She wants   We love and serve and guide and nurture her.  Frankly there are days when I am ready to release her, but it breaks my heart to know that she will not be happy where ever she ends up, and without us, how much more lonely will it seem?  dementia is not our friend *sigh*

Fred (aka Dad)~
works a lot.  plays Go Fish with Andrew, listens to Katie, talks shop with Joe, plays soccer with Bryson, listens to me, talks to Grandma M, plays Angry Birds with TJ, listens to Justin, & talks to Nick…   helps me with juicing, works on an ‘extra’ car, arranges dr. appt for his mom, goes to dump when needed, helps with the yard/garden, takes time off work to get his mom to said dr. appt’s, cracks the whip when kids need to be reminded of helping out, prays.  yeah, i like to think of him as superman.  =)

Sheri (me)~
Zumba as a stress relief; juicing as a sanity saver.  Ladies Bible study which blesses this heart of mine.  Reaching out to neighbors; bonding with friends.   Mentoring many by way of my own children, teens, and a few lovely ladies who struggle with eating disorders.  Reflecting how I want our days to flow, embracing learning moments as they come.  Being stretched and becoming all at once…

So there you have it, “us” in a recent nutshell.  *smile*

2 thoughts on “Family Reflection

  1. Fun to get a recap of everyone, even if I haven’t met them “in real life”. Because YOU are a friend … your family are my friends, as well. 🙂

    Gotta ask … what is “Krav Maga”?

    Hope your week is BLESSED!

    Laurel 🙂

  2. What a great post, Sheri! After all this time I did not know that you have an Aspie. Sounds like life is full of wonderful chaos for you.

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