Takin’ Care of Mama~ Exhaustive

Doesn’t that descriptive word encourage you?  Exhaustive~
Yeah, me either, but I am all about being honest,
especially if it is about myself.

Micro-nutrients & juicing:

It is an interesting turn of events to choose this life style of nutrition.
Interesting for me anyways.  Me, the one who battled bulimia for 28 years.
Me, the one who, regardless of being free of that said eating disorder for the past 8 years still found food useful for the wrong reasons.  Hey, let’s admit it, our society is that way.

We eat to celebrate…birthday, promotions, wedding receptions…

We eat to numb… broken hearts, stress, loneliness…

We eat to be social… picnics, field trips, church events…

I happen to be a grazer…
no longer are the ways of binging and purging,
but hourly nibbles throughout the day are apparent on my outer appearance.

My poison of choice is carbs…
not the complex carbs that can be useful to a busy body,
but the simple, useless ones…
the ones that are full of chemicals, preservative, & additives.

In the beginning:

So, I began this micro-nutrient/juicing journey 3 weeks ago…

The pros~
weight loss… clearer skin… better attitude…

The cons~
detox symptoms… more planning… an agitated attitude.

hmmm, did you notice the contradiction?

…it’s all about the attitude.

The high of feeling better, doing the right thing for yourself, being worth the effort.

The low of planning around others, emotions exposed,  being too much effort.

When one no longer mindlessly eats, you find your emotions on your sleeve;
no longer is the endless nibbling to numb the stresses in your life.

And when you are a busy mom, with feeling exposed,
you soon realize how many different ways you are being pulled.
Many by choice, several by circumstances…

Some days, it is almost too hard to take care of oneself
when everyone else’s needs are on your plate.

No wonder I have been so round for so many years,
always putting others first,
always doing the right thing… for others.
Isn’t that what the Bible tells us to do?
do for others?

Yeah, still working out this all out,
as I know being healthier will be worth it…

it’s just not easy, and some days it is just downright exhaustive.


2 thoughts on “Takin’ Care of Mama~ Exhaustive

  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. WOW! What a testimony you have.

    I also started the process of getting healthy in the middle of March. I’m down almost 20lbs. and I feel so much better. However, I notice that food is at all the function, family get- togethers, church, etc.. Luckily we stay away from most processed food, but a carb and sugar no matter how healthy when eaten to much cause us to gain weight. I was also (probably still am) a carb-a-holic and addicted to sugar.

    So proud of you for taking care of you as best as you can in the midst of your tough circumstances right now.

    Bless you dear sister in Christ!

    1. Thanks Denise,
      you are always so encouraging. Thanks for always having a kind word. Looks like we are on the same journey… glad to know this isn’t such a desolate path after all, lol. =)

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