Summer Learning

Our school year is coming to a close.  *smile*

I am ready to wrap things up.  ok, so admittedly, we have been “done” for about 2 weeks.
We are merely reviewing things to prepare for the big state test day, and even that is a bit lame.

Colds have crept their way into our home…
picking us off… one by one…

Who wants to do school while wiping noses and battling fevers?
not me, so not much pressure has been going on.

Instead, I look forward to our summer schedule!

Nature study by way of bird watching, gardens, and fruit tree studies!

Science experiments by way of Super Charged Science.

Foreign Language!  French & Spanish… woo hoo!

Why did I choose these things?

because these are the things my kids enjoy doing!

and because my kids do better with some rhythm to our days.

play time… learning time… quiet time… chores… free time…
with a whole lot of flexibility mixed in!

there you have it, the secret to my summer success.  =)


3 thoughts on “Summer Learning

  1. Looking forward to summer here as well! (8 days left, but who’s counting!) I love Super Charged Science! Our summer is usually very relaxed, with a few fun lessons thrown in when topics arise. Still lots of reading. Have a great summer and you guys get better!

    1. yeah, that IS relaxed, they don’t think of any of it as lessons, just something to do. dd still will devour reading and writing over the summer because that is what she does; the boys? yeah, give ’em a garden, a few frogs and some rockets and they’re good. *giggle* Any chance of you doing ancient history next year? lol, I absolutely love how you outline your lessons! =)

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