April Goals ~

Grateful for…

the hope that is eternal,
and for the 2 days of sunshine we had over the week end!

This year has been quite a ride.  As we look forward to the end of this school year we now have a State Test date of May 24, our last day of school.  *smile*

Looking forward causes me to reflect back…
and as I read our 2011-2012 goals, I realize how much we did NOT finish, much less begin.

Only a quarter of the history I had intended.
Half the literature that I hoped to finish.
Science has been a hit or miss each month, although I am convinced we did enough to earn a biology credit with labs.
Math is finished as both TJ & Katie wrapped up the textbooks this last week.  Instead of moving on to the next text as was hoped for, I’ve opted to use tests to keep reviewing what they have learned this year until the ‘real’ test time.  They do not stress about tests like this, but rather see them as just another assignment.  I like to use the test so I can see if they need any skills honed in on.
Bible was not as strong as a focus as I had wished.  Anyone else lack here?  or is it just me?
Language Arts was spot on… yay.
Foreign Language is oh.so.slow.  We love it, but it just is not a priority.
Writing was put on the back burner, with much of it in the way of copy work & dictation.
and we did 1/2 the electives that we intended.

That said… I still feel that we have had a very successful year!

So many of the lessons learned this year are not tangible by way of books.

Patience & compassion go hand in hand:

Whether helping a 3 yr old calm down after a raging temper tantrums,
learning techniques to help our aspie brother cope with triggers,
encouraging/mentoring our mild-autistic friend (love you Savannah *wink*),
sharing parental time with the extra son as he needs more direction to keep on task,
or showering kindness on a grandma who does not want to be here but very much needs our help…

these are all life lessons learned.

Survival skills seems to be a natural attraction for our family.

We love all shows survival (with appropriate ratings of course).
We love all things … fishing, guns, martial arts, military.
Our interests are peaked at… hunting, sports, cooking, & babies.
(no, no more babies here, just adore the ones we see).
Common discussions include… politics, economy, Christ, & truth.
Rec time includes board games, card games, & chess, with a dash of Foosball, Frisbee, & Foursquare.

Social events include …
co op Tuesdays (science),
Wednesday church activities,
Fun Fridays (a day of planned out fun w/ friends),
play dates, soccer practices, & random teens swinging by to hang out.

So as I question how much we didn’t get done, I am confident in the wisdom gained throughout our crazy year…

Sometimes life is our classroom, and the lessons are for a lifetime.

~April Goals~

Geography, geology, literature & history:  All things ALASKA…from iditarod to survival to landscape to traditions to politics to economics to beauty to challenges… we will dig in deep to our newly found interest.  All ages welcome.  =)

some resources include:
Call of the Wild (book)
White Fang (book)
Flying Wild (reality-type show via netflix)
Out of the Wild; the Alaska Experiment (netflix)
Iditarod; the Last Great Race (netflix)
research options for writing assignments.

Language Arts:  reading focus… main ideas, sequencing, facts vs opinions, etc… and to review punctuation.

Math:  test, test, test … aka… review.  ;^)

That’s it folks~ this will be our outline until testing time.

In the meantime, I will be pondering our summer goals, continuing to work with the littles, and taking care of daily challenges…

Embracing the beauty of the process... how are you wrapping up your school year?


6 thoughts on “April Goals ~

  1. Your wisdom, perspective, and grit make me so proud to be your friend! You’re doing a phenomenal job.

    The beauty of homeschooling is that we can cater to the whole child, heart and soul not just academics. And that means that much of what goes on can’t be recorded in a grade book or checked off on a skills list. But one thing that we can aim for is that our children’s minds and memories will be full of more than just facts and figures, but real-life experiences that will shape their destiny and equip them to fulfill God’s plan for their lives.

    Embracing the grace and beauty with you,

  2. I don’t usually write down goals because then I don’t have to see how far we’ve missed the mark at the end of the year! But as you point out, missing the mark doesn’t mean that we’ve failed – shooting for the moon and ending up on a mountaintop is great success!

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