A blending moment of Public & Home school~

Justin (our public school student)
Katie-girl (our homeschool student)
are building a rubber-band powered airplane.

This is no simple paper airplane.  Many parts are being made.  Materials include paper, paperclips, wire from a spiral notebook, and a heavy duty rubber band!

Justin loves to keep himself busy, find fun things to do, to dig up creative things to explore…
and Katie is always there to join the adventure.

This is the body of the aircraft… it is still a work in progress.  I suspect that this will be flying with ease by tomorrow.

I like that our kids can be self entertained.
I love that regardless of age or gender differences, they can always muster up clever things to do together.

While Justin (18) and Katie (10) built an aircraft…

Nick (18) was showing  Bryson (3) some soccer skills in our hallway…

Joe (23) was sharing a men’s Bible study dvd with TJ (14)…

Dad (40-ish) was playing Go Fish with Andrew (7)…

What does your family enjoying doing together?

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