What Goes on in Your Day?

For those lovely readers who see my monthly goals, daily schedules, and think I am amazing…
Most days do flow with a routine in place, but some days are just OFF…

2:30 p.m.~  We head to the nearby (and only) park in our area.  The sun was shining, and I was determined to enjoy it.  The big kids joined us, along with Grandma M.  We were all so excited to go play!  and as we round the corner to the parking lot, all our mouths dropped… the whole park is a swamp.    I couldn’t decide if we needed high-waders or a fishing pole?  Needless to say, we headed back home…

2:45 ~  but to deter meltdowns I swing by the nearest mini-mart for candy.  Yes, candy.  I admit it.  Even for Grandma M.  =)    I found a Big Hunk (remember those?) and was amused to buy one for my dear husband.  *cheesy grin*

3:00 ~ begin the mystery of  ‘mistaken identity’.  Our extra big kid, Justin, was apparently spotted in the next wee town during school hours, driving, using some teen girl’s car.  He does not have a driver’s license, nor has an impressive 1st period grade score.  The school was called, and yes, he was very late to class.  hmmm….

3:30 ~ interrogation begins:  with a firm approach and an astonished Justin.  We are always upfront with seeking truth.  It was easily resolved as he had an eye witness account, conveniently from an already-graduated-back-from-college student who happened to stop by this said skipped class to visit the teacher.  Later it was confirmed that the front desk messed up the attendance.

4:00 ~ laundry re-boot, empty dishwasher, tidy classroom, & start to ponder a lesson plan for my preschool science class that is the next day.

5:00 ~ check e-mails.

5:30 ~ prepare white board for lessons the next day.

6:00 ~ Drop Nick off at soccer practice.

6:15 ~ hold Bryson in rocking chair, watching Ironman cartoon with kids.

6:45 ~ Bryson falls asleep.  Dad takes Katie & Andrew outside to play.  I head to a women’s Bible study group.

10:00~  get home, big kids are cleaning the kitchen.   Apparently, Bryson woke up around 8 when Justin set off our smoke alarm while cooking eggs.

10:30 ~  I cut Joe, Dad, & Bryson’s hair.

11:30 ~ put Katie & Andrew to bed.  yes, this late.  It is what we do.  =)

12:00 a.m. ~  sweep kitchen, swipe counters, & reboot laundry again.

12:30 ~  attempt to head to computer to prepare for previously mentioned science class.  Bryson decides he needs my attention.

1:00 ~ after watching Monk with TJ, Bry-guy is finally asleep.  Yes, I still cuddle with him in the rocking chair before he goes to bed (for curious minds, he is almost 4, the youngest of our six children, and sleeps better than all the rest did in their own beds).  ummm, yeah, he’s not sleeping after all… so I sit on the floor next to his bed waiting for him to drift off more sound….

1:30 ~  ….still there… decide to ‘lay’ in his toddler bed with him, thinking all the while that I still need to take a shower, get lesson plans done, and I admit it, I am tired.  :^/

2:00 ~ … still.there… now counting the hours of sleep I am not going to get…

2:30 ~ awww, whatever.  Get the awake child out of his bed (he lays there well behaved, just not asleep, and won’t let me leave out of his site), so… I grab my soft fluffy robe, throw it on our bathroom floor with a pillow, have a nightlight on only, and proceed to take my much needed shower (I never have time in the morning to do this).

3:00 ~ both Bryson & I crawl into bed with daddy.  I am so ready to sleep, and Bryson?  wide awake, site seeing out our bedroom window, enjoying the scenery of the night life of the street.  I.go.to.sleep.   Yes, this is what Bryson will do when he has any sort of nap, especially such a late one as he had.

7:00 ~ up and at ’em.  Get dressed, reboot the laundry, and attack the computer for those science lesson plans I have not planned out yet.

8:00 ~ Savannah shows up.  Although I can no longer homeschool her anymore, due to the increasing care that Grandma M needs, Savannah still joins us on Tuesdays for our science co-op.

8:30 ~  head to store to get supplies for lesson plan that I came up with.

9:00 ~ organize and prep the lesson.

9:30 ~ help Katie & Savannah find information on Mt St Helen’s.  They are building a volcano in their class, and Katie had already wrote a report on her assignment, but it got lost.  So she re-did it.

10:00 ~ get Bryson & Andrew up, dressed, and out the door.

10:30 ~ science class:  11 children (2-4 yr olds) and no helper today.
Sound experiment with egg shakers; Easter color page; a coffee filter egg project; bunny food snack (carrots & trail mix), a spoon & egg race, and explored playing with Bendables.

12:00 p.m.~ head home, prepare lunch for younger kids, including Dustin (3) who joins us every Tuesday/Thursday for preschool/play time.  TJ begins math & reading.

12:30 ~ prepare lunch for Grandma M who decides to come down and join us.

1:00 ~ Katie does devotion time w/ Savannah, followed with a craft, and some memory work of states & capitols.  Which, btw, is all Katie’s planning and doing.

2:00 ~ drop Savannah off at public school for her life skills class.

2:15 ~begin group studies with TJ & Katie.  We reviewed prism’s, pyramids with perimeters, areas, volumes, and surface area.  Practiced our Spanish lesson of the week, and wrapped up some map work.  (This is our light day due to our participation in the science co-op).

3:15 ~ log some work in school planners, prep white board for next days lesson (while I am still thinking about it), and have a good discussion with Justin when he got home from school.

4:00 ~ do reading & writing lessons with Andrew.

5:00 ~ sneak up to my bed for a quick cat nap *wink*.  I do doze off a bit, amongst
Bryson playing, Katie talking to me, and Andrew joining us…

Now thinking about dinner plans…

the constant moving, planning, doing, nurturing, cleaning…

it never ends…

and I love my life.  =)


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