Ramblings of Reality~

It’s raining… a lot!   It’s cold, wet, dreary…

and I want to lay on the couch and do nothing!

I am feeling so very unmotivated.

I want my house clean…
reality is that tidy will have to do.

I wanted extra big-kid to have a fun spring break…
reality is that he spent most of the week being monitored to get school work done.

I wanted dear m.i.l. to feel at home here…
reality is that she does not want to be here, at all, and we are in the process of finding her a place to go.

I wanted to get more things done this last quarter of the school year…
reality is that we are getting Reading, wRiting, & aRithmetic done along with a dash & splash of other fun things.

I wanted to be fit & healthy by spring…
reality is I have set myself aside while caring for others.

I wanted my homeschool graduate to wrap up his gap year knowing what he wants to do…
reality is that he has some goals in place, but still needs some encouragement and guidance.

I am ready for a new season,
as I look forward to:

some color in the nature around us;  spring flowers, budding trees, prepping gardens!

outside activities;  to walk, to play at the park, to ride bikes, to picnic, to bird watch.

spring cleaning; oh yes, once the birds start chirping, we shall begin the scrub down.

So, how’s spring looking in your neighborhood?


2 thoughts on “Ramblings of Reality~

  1. Spring came a month early here…now to avoid a frost in April. It has been surreal to have a warm March (usually my least favorite month)!! I definitely relate to your ramblings of reality!!

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