Welcome to our week end~


This was our past week…

We had snow the day before  AND the day after the 1st day of SPRING.

There’s been a turn-around for this week-end…

with blues skies….

and a blooming apricot tree!

The weather was very much appreciated as we needed the mood lifter around here.  We have been carefully handling the medical diagnosis for Grandma M.  Some things we didn’t need to change due to already doing it, such as fixing her meals, etc… but driving and taking away one’s vehicle is a delicate matter.   She’s rightfully upset over it, and my dh has been gracefully easing her in the transition.  trying to anyways, by requesting a ‘NO driving policy’ in which if she needs to go somewhere he’ll drive her places in her own car where she still feels comfortable.  Her keys are to be hung up alongside all our keys in the foyer….but she kept sneaking them back to her purse.  Obviously, tough love needs to be implemented as she really is not safe to venture out, thus taking her keys was on our week end agenda…BUT she had other plans!

Oh dear yes, my m.i.l was m.i.a. as of Saturday morning!  She apparently had packed up random things, such as gloves, fluffy socks, and fingernail polish, but left some other necessities out.  We called her daughter (down in Cali) and thus the man, er woman hunt began!  This was tricky in itself as a lot of friend’s of Grandma M’s did not know of her struggle with dementia, thus we had to make cold calls so-to-speak.

Our options were:
A.  She headed up north where she is from


B.  She is headed south to try to find her daughter.

A would be familiar, B would be a disaster.

We also had to call the police to file a missing person report.  *sigh*

9 hours later she had arrived at her sister’s house!  (It is about a 3 hr drive north)

We are oh.so.grateful that she is ok!  Oh my yes!

Interestingly, her sister is out of town, so Grandma M is under the care of her lovely niece, along with her darling 2 kids, until we can figure out how we are going to find time to go up there and get her (?).  In the meantime, it gives Grandma M time away from us, and gives us time to regroup from the drama.  All of us were so worried about her, poor Katie was probably the most upset.

The rest of our week end has fell into a calmer state.  Fred tidied up the back yard, pruning trees, going to the dump, and went and picked up a BIG whiteboard that someone gave us for FREE!!

Did you see our new-to-us piano?  That, too, was gifted to us!  Which has been great since Katie has been taking piano lessons for the past 7 months.

The white-board is 4′ by 8′.  Every one of my children have walked by stating “wow!  that is a big white board”.
It makes me giggle.  =)

The sun is still shining today, so we may work on getting some more yard work done.  The fruit trees are pruned, so we can start weeding the strawberry patches, and prep our soil for the garden now.

We had extra big kids who spent the night at our house, so I am off to figure out what to fix for lunch…

rejoicing all the while that Grandma M is safe!


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