Learning as a Lifestyle

What does one do on Spring Break before spring is even here?

We observed that our tulips and daffodils are sprouting…
So now we are pondering our gardening plans.  We are never quite successful at it, but we always seem to put in the effort.  We already have garden boxes in our back yard.  Two are full of strawberry plants, the third is up for grabs.  I do believe we will assign a vegetable per each child, thus we will prep the soil this week.

So what does an independent learner do on spring break?
May I just simply list the random things accomplished in 2 days by our Katie-girl (10)?

1.  Wrote to a penpal.

2.  Memorized the 66 books of the Bible.

3.  Decided that Savannah and the littles should learn about the Armor of God, complete with making cardboard shields.

4.  Went to the library.

5.  Made a quill pen.

6.  Made berry ink to use with the quill pen.

7.  Learned some calligraphy style.

8.  Worked on Leprechaun traps with a BFF.

9.  Wrote a protest letter to American Girl website.

10.  Wrote a e-mail to another pen pal gal.

11.  Decided to learn to crochet on.her.own.  So far this includes a chain and a single stitch.

12.  Helped babysit a 13 month old.

13. Discussed writing a protest letter to our government.

14. Taught Andrew (7) the 4 gospels.

15. Started a fancy painting-by-numbers project.

16. Inquired about the differences of republicans and democrats.

17. Took a high school survey that determined her as a staunch republican, via Justin (our extra son) public school project.

18.  Played Chess with Justin’s older brother.

19.  Played computer math games with her little brothers.

No movies, video games, or reading- just simply keeping herself busy by her own ideas.  *smile*

The older boys interest-led activities weren’t quite as extensive, but busy non-the-less.

1.  Spent 2 1/2 hours baking Snickerdoodle Cookies!  Yumm!

2.  Played futsal (ie indoor soccer).

3.  Youth group.

4.  Spring soccer training.

5.  Discussed WWI

6.  Read about Solar Flares; staying up late hoping to catch a glance at the Northern Lights.

7.  Helped their mom download music on her new MP3 player.

8.  Ran errands for the oldest brother.

9.  Weight Training in the garage.

10.  played video games

11.  Helped with dinner AND did clean up.   nice, huh?  *wink*

12. Discussed marriage and commitment as other families we know are going through divorces.

13. Played basketball with the neighbors.

14. Pondered about future business opportunities; focus on BBQ Diner and a small logging company.

15. Spotted a bald eagle above our house, but it was too dusk to get a good picture *sigh*

Not too bad for non-school days~  =)

I think we will wrap up our week with a trip to the ZOO!  I am hoping this sunny weather holds out for us!  If not, maybe we will just go bowling….


3 thoughts on “Learning as a Lifestyle

  1. Ok, as one *totally* unfamiliar with American Girl (I know they’re dolls, but that’s about it), I just have to know what your young activist wants to write a protest letter about!

    1. They changed the website format, and put the ‘quizes’ section in w/ the activity and advice section. She loves taking quizes, and requested they make it easier access… amongst other things. =) She, being 10, is the one who called it a ‘protest’ letter, lol.

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