Never mind that it actually snowed yesterday (March 01),
and that spring doesn’t even officially begin until March 20th.
Regardless, our tulips and daffodils are coming up!

We just wrapped up our 3rd quarter!  Yay!

We usually do a 9 weeks on, 2 weeks off type of school year…
which we have continued to do this year…
but I am thinking of shaking things up.

The beauty of homeschooling comes in the ability for learning to become a lifestyle.

Some learning comes by way of books~ we choose most often, living books, books rich in literary quality as being well told in a story form, such as:
Geography– reading about one’s journey through the antarctic.
History–  reading autobiographies, getting full accounts of the details of their lives, not just facts & dates.
Literature–  books that contain worthy thoughts and inspiring tales, have moral values, & imparts knowledge.
Science– reading nature books grounded in the ability to share the whole view of a topic, whether it is in regards to a season, animals, or agriculture.

Some learning comes by way of facts, such as:
Arithmetic– by reason and knowledge, to simply follow a pattern to get desired results.  Fact is, if you do the equation right, you get the correct answer.
Advanced Science– Chemistry and Physics are based off of factual information.  Obviously, much of science is based on theory, but H2O is always H2O unless H or O is removed.  Physics is based off the ability to hammer out proper equations.

Some learning comes by way of action, such as:
Piano – although lessons are much appreciated, the improvement comes in the action by way of practicing.
Cooking– in order for one to learn to cook, one must actually do this; ask me, I know.  ;^)
Fitness Training– One can research all the knowledge about the body, but until one actually applies the body to action, there is no result.
CPR– We can read all we want about it, but until we actually apply what we learn on those dreaded dummies, would you be confident to save someone’s life?

Life Happens, learning continues….

I’ve decided to lighten our daily load… after all, sometimes life is the lesson.  With Grandma M needing more attention from.all.of.us , it tends to get to chaotic to get all our subjects in.  I desire a well rounded education for my children, but all things do not have to be taught all at one time.  I am pulling history and science out for our spring quarter, and we will enjoy those through the summer quarter.  Yep, we will be schooling year round.  I do believe after this spring quarter, we will begin a 2 week off, 11 week on, with Friday Fun days (ie delight-directed learning).

Living life is our education;
The world is our playground.


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