Down & Out?

Oh what a week!  I am so grateful it is soon to be Friday!

Dear Husband had strained a muscle in his back last Saturday.  By Sunday, while playing with the kids, he pulled the muscle.  I have seen my husband in pain before as he deals with Kidney Stones on occasion, not like wimpy ones either, like writhe in pain, pass out in the car on the way to the hospital type of kidney stones.  But this week was definitely a new experience.  The swollen muscle caused nerve spasms!  Now I’ve had sciatic nerves pinched during pregnancy before, so I could relate to the intensity… but for the 1st 3 days of this week, it was intense.  Couldn’t walk, take a breathe, couldn’t find relief… yes, we went to urgent care, yes, he got lots of meds, but it was just plain ole ugly!

It looked much like a circus act around here:  He’d scream er, yell, when a spasm would hit, and Andrew (our sensory guy) would run and hide, Bryson would crack up laughing (yes, laughing), and the older kids & I would kind of look at each other with mouths open and eyes wide, and G’ma M wasn’t quite sure what to think of it all.

Thankfully, on Day 4 he looked like himself again… slow…very slow… but off the meds and taking it easy!

What does one do when they can’t really move much?  Play Go Fish with the littles.  A LOT of Go Fish!

Other happening this week include some snuggling.  Bryson has taken an extra liking to his sissy lately.  It’s been kind of nice, and she is loving it!  She’s been eager to teach him his ABC’s.

Speaking of Katie, she’s kind of had an unschooling, electic, delight-directed type of school week.  Helping with preschool, assisting Andrew with one of his reading lessons, random crafts, oil painting, doing math at 10 p.m., taking care of the pets w/o being asked, writing a report on Robins on a spur thought, memorizing the 66 books of the Bible, and today, looked up a recipe for cookies with a ‘cross’ on it.  Made them, yes.she did!

Some weeks, you just kind of go with the flow, this is one of those weeks!

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