March Goals~

I *heart* my white board.

It is the one ‘teaching tool’ that was well worth the investment.  Mine is fairly decent sized, but I have dreams of having a schoolroom sized one some day.  For now, I use this one for the older kids and the easel for the littles.

Whether homeschooling, or with other interests, what is a tool you’d rather not live without?

Our Hero General Grant~  we are headed into our Civil War era.  There is SO much to learn about this topic that we will probably spend much of next year studying this, but for now, we begin…

mid west states & capitols.

All about ROCKS.

conjunctions & adjectives

TJ- Angles, coordinates, and using a protractor.
Katie- 2 digit multiplying and dividing.

TJ- The Red Badge of Courage
Katie- Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie (Dear America 1847)

Our focus will be on expository writing.

time, dates, seasons~ review months & days of the week.
Today, Tomorrow, & Yesterday used in everyday sentences.

Jesus ministry journey…

Little Town on the Prairie- Me w/ Katie.
Mere Christianity- Dad w/ the older boys.

Anyone else disturbed by the events of Syria & Iran?
When I see footage on Syria, I can’t help but think it looks like Germany back in the Hitler days (you know, the hidden footage of those days).
I suspect, also, that if the U.S. doesn’t support Israel very soon, our gas prices are going to go astronomical which will lead us to a real depression… let’s hope I am wrong.  :^/

So do any of you observe lent?  I always have intentions to teach myself and the children more details on this tradition.  Such importance of Ash Wednesday, the 40 days, Palm Sunday, etc…   Time and circumstance got away from me again this year, so I decided we would spend our Mondays digging into the details more (rather than the pressure of daily activites).    We obviously can’t fast for the 40 days now, but we may do some sort of fast each Monday; not sure what that will look like yet… got any ideas?  *smile*

One thought on “March Goals~

  1. One of the most wonderful tools in my homeschooling has been Yahoo Groups! There seems to be one for every curriculum, educational philosophy, personality…I glean so much info from other homeschooling parents (like you Sheri!). I also belong to a Yahoo Group for homeschoolers in my area that is a treasure of information regarding local museum exhibits, field trips, etc.

    Lent…it always sneaks up on me, too, and I am unprepared to teach anything. I like your idea of fasting *something* one day a week.

    Yes, ‘disturbed’ is a good way to put my feelings about Syria and Iran.

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