February with the Littles

Sometimes life gets busy, and plans go by the way side…

we recently had a week like that,

but keeping the littles busy is a must to avoid chaos…

thus we had a magnetic time.

And can I say just how excited I am that our Andrew is well into doing his school days…finally.

It is such a fine line of encouragement vs pushing, especially with kids with on the autism spectrum with sensory triggers.

Andrew is 7.  I could look (and compare) how far behind he is academically (and stress, fret, and worry) or I can embrace who he is and celebrate the victories.

He is consistently 2 yrs behind (emotionally, academically, physically).  I loved when someone made the comment “will that matter when he is 25?” 

During the preschool years, he LOVED playing alone.  I knew he was wired differently, but really hadn’t caught on to the why.  This is a post I shared back then:  A day in the life of ANDREW.

In his kindergarten year, he began to participate more with the interactions of the family.  Instead of parallel play, he began to group play.  This is the year I began to realize that my lil guy IS paying attention, just differently.  This post shares how subtle the changes are:  abstract vs concrete

Now he is in 1st grade, and the maturity, alongside the willingness, has caught up to academic progress.

Current lessons in progress:

morning work

We are practicing cross-out marks (x’s) with markers, coloring pictures (lesson directed, such as what colors do you need for this tree), and using a pencil to write his name.  We also do some type of hands on activity such as playdough, tongs for sorting, clothespins for clipping, etc to help strengthen his hand muscles.  All of this stretches his physical capabilities as well as his attention span~
then we jump to reading lessons.  yay!  and he is catching on.  We are working on word families alongside an old McGuffey Primer.  I just take the main words of the lesson to utilize which word family we are working on.

at- cat, sat, fat, pat, bat, etc
e/ee- see, me, we, fee, tree, etc.
this week is an- can, fan, pan, ran, etc…

at the end of his reading lesson we do board work; chalk board or the dry erase board.  I say sounds, he writes the letter, to eventually spell a word  (m/a/n)     I suppose technically this would be dictation, of sorts.    I try to encourage his efforts by him ‘playing’ the teacher being up at the easel while I sit at the table.

afternoon work

Science (Christian Liberty Nature Reader)- I read, he narrates.
Math- not a strong outline yet.  A few worksheets here and there, practicing drawing the numbers while encouraging Bryson of number concepts, and playing card games such as Go Fish and War.   I am getting ready to use Math-U-See Primer with him.


Story time before bed.
We started with nursery rhymes last year
and have moved onto traditional stories such as Goldilocks and the 3 bears, 3 lil pigs, etc,
to Aesop fables (Hansel & Gretal, the Frog Prince, etc)
to American Tales (Br’er rabbit, John Henry, etc)
and are recently reading Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales.
These stories are getting longer as we go, and Andrew’s attention span is stretching.  He even reminds me of when story time is.

Little nuggets of lesson spread out through the day has been beneficial, and he is free to roam and be himself when I am doing lessons with the older kids.  Balance seems to be the key; work vs play ~ but all of it is a learning lifestyle.

I gotta love homeschooling ~ the beauty of reaching a child at their own level whether it is average, slower, or too quick to keep up; I have them all in my home, and each child makes me smile at the person God has made them to be AND has helped me to be a better person myself.


2 thoughts on “February with the Littles

  1. each child is wired differently; we have one son who does not process education like the rest, it is a huge effort for him to understand many academics but he is amazing with his hands, and with his heart. He may not fight the round peg in the classroom but excels when he can be the “square” God has made him be. Keep seeking God for wisdom in educating him, He will lead you and give you what you need to help your boy be successful. I know we’re on that same road…..also I love how you wrote this post! so from your heart. Thank you for your honesty.

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