February Goals~

Readjusting our days…still.

The first change of the month is not having my extra student, Savannah.  She has really done well this year; enough so to let her mom & family know if homeschooling is right for her.   She has flourished as I put reasonable expectation on her, academically as well as socially.  Being diagnosed w/ autism has lowered societies expectation of her.  Not me; Savannah is still a person.  In fact, with her 12th birthday around the corner, she is a young lady.   No flappy arms, no baby talk, no grunting to get her way.  Admittedly, I am aware of her triggers and can talk her through her anxiety.  I will still have her on Tuesdays for a science class, art & crafts, and hopefully poetry.  I intend to still mentor her, and work alongside her family with specific goals in mind.

As for my older kids, TJ (14) & Katie (10), we are settling back up to our original routine utilizing the Robinson Curriculum style in the morning with a Charlotte Mason flair in the afternoons.    Both of these children are independent learners which frees up my mornings to keep an eye on other tasks at hand.  Andrew, on the other hand, still needs guided instruction, and I am thrilled that he is finally grasping reading!  I have lacked consistency with this special student of mine, so that is my biggest focus for him right now.

Undaunted Courage (the Lewis & Clark expedition); it has been a slow start last month, very technical and detailed in the beginning, but we are finally headed for adventure (i hope).

States & Capitals; we have covered the east coast now headed down south.

All things Evergreen; trees, seeds, and the animals within distance.

All thing NOUN; common, abstract, proper, and pronouns.  We will be covering them all.

TJ- Probabilility and geometric equations.
Katie- reducing fractions, averaging, and working on the 12 times tables.

TJ- To Kill a Mockingbird
Katie- Alice in Wonderland, The 39 Clues.

Our focus is on Narrative writing

Spanish-  verb conjugations; I have, I want, I need…
French-  wrapping up our review, and haven’t peeked ahead to see whats next yet.

Little Town on the Prairie

The Fruit of the Spirit
and still finishing up the Screwtape Letters.

A new subject of sorts.  My husband is always talking government and politics in our home.  It is becoming more interesting as our ‘extra’ son, who goes to public school, is taking a civics class.  *grin*  Our conservative views are not what the public school agenda desires us to share with this young man, but we all get entertained with digging up facts as we go.  Did you know that the media news is biased?  =)

4 thoughts on “February Goals~

  1. What a wonderfully well-rounded education you’re providing. I sure hope that someday I’ll be able to find the time to add all those fun extra subjects for my kids. But for now, the three R’s and some occasional random read alouds is all we can manage with a baby to tend to. Thanks to the Robinson Curriculum I still feel like they’re at least getting a good foundation.

    1. Thanks Dawn,
      May I encourage you that the baby is always the lesson for a season. Indeed the 3R’s of RC is a good foundation…always.
      Our day is mostly RC, I just simply word it in a specific title. For example, history, science, literature, and geography is usually from some book on the RC reading list. Writing, English, spelling are also from RC. Bible and foreign language are our add ins, but truly that is just little consistent nuggets everyday.
      What books are your kids reading? I am sure I can make their education sound well rounded also *wink* The history autobiographies alone teach geography, history, character training, cultural awareness, etc… see how easy that was? =)
      keeping on keeping on mama,

      blessings, Sheri

      1. Ha! Yes, I suppose I see what you mean. My 7yo is reading Tom Swift and his Airship, that could count for science and history, right? Oh – and vocabulary! If I was also reading the book, I might actually know what else it covers, but I can’t keep up anymore. 🙂 We haven’t tackled the history biographies, yet. I like your idea of doing some RC books as read alouds, I’ll probably do that with the history biographies – maybe I’ll finally learn some history myself!

  2. No, the media is biased????? I applaud your homeschooling….you are doing a phenomenal job; such an encouragement to others who may be thinking about it or doing it themselves. I know how much time and effort it takes to plan, prepare and execute!

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