tidbits of homeschooling…

We added a water fountain to our nature area.  Who knew the kids would be so fascinated!  ok, so yes, we lost the original ball that goes on top so that is a ping pong ball.  Know what?  Everyone had to lift the ball out of curiosity, causing water to spray everywhere.  Even the big kids.

Andrew continues to practice his writing.  Interestingly, he has begun switching hands as he goes through the alphabet.  He has always been a righty, so I think his hand is just getting tired.  I will keep an eye on it though, as TJ and myself are both ambidextrous.

I decided we probably need to continue to strengthen Andrew’s grip, so I am bringing out more Montessori style activities while using our sensory bins.

I absolutely love this age.  Motivated enough to keep herself busy AND clean up afterwards!
Last week she made animal masks for the littles.

Did I mention Katie is reading Helen Keller?  yeah, well, she assigned herself an experiment to “be blind” for 90 minutes.  Blind folded, and no silly-ness allowed.   She got herself a drink, unloaded a dryer and took it upstairs to fold, along with a few other activities.  Then she used our colorful magnets (*pictured) to list the braille alphabet.

We began Classical Conversation as a supplement to our RC reading.    I splurged on the “old” sets, getting all 3 cycles at once.  We began with cycle 3 because it related to what we were already learning about AND it only takes a few minutes a day!

We are getting back to the basics of RC with the Reading, wRiting, & aRithmetic.  Our afternoons are still for Fine Arts & French/Spanish.    The French curriculum I got is a big hit.  I will watch for a sale, and hopefully by summer I will also get the Spanish program.  We chose Tell Me More, for those who are wondering. (*please note that I am adding links in this post, but I absolutely receive no profit;  just sharing what is working for us).

Our days are getting adjusted once again, thus the reason to get back to basics.  Others in our home are needing more attention and care, so I have had to reduce my tutoring time w/ Savannah down to 3 days a week.  She has really improved over the past semester;  I have been so proud of her!  but Grandma needs more care, and Andrew needs more individual focus on his learning, and I need to keep up with running this home smoothly.  So Savannah visits her Nana 2 days a week to do her assigned schoolwork.  We are 3 weeks into the new schedule, and it seems to be working out all right.

It always seems that mid school year always needs a bit of tweaking, but I am feeling comfortable with the changes that have been made.

How is your new year coming along?

4 thoughts on “tidbits of homeschooling…

  1. New Year … oh. are we supposed to be doing school again? I thought we were on winter break again, with all of this snow. (just kidding … kind of)

    Seriously. Schooling is going really well this year. With Daddy going on being unemployed for 4 months, he has taken on a LOT of the schooling, and Mama is kind of liking it. 🙂 Mama would have let the kids have a few snow days this week, though, but not Papa. He really cracks the whip in our school room.

    We are trying to get our Little Miss enrolled in a small private school. Her behavioral needs are just too disruptive for the rest of the kids. We think having Little Miss go to school every day would be a very good thing for all of us. Please pray that we can work out the details.

    Hope y’all are doing well.

    Laurel 🙂

  2. Remind me sometime to tell you all about Tony’s ambidextrousness (when he was little he used to write/draw with whatever hand was closest to the table, and sometimes he’d just switch off) and his grip. There are a lot of ‘grip’ stuff out there, but the best pencil grip ever was one his first grade teacher’s husband made for him: Mr. A took a big bouncy ball and drilled a hole through the middle. It was big, and it was softish, plus it bounced when he dropped it…

    1. *hee* The public schools brought in “specialists” for TJ, and he even stumped them on which hand to have him be. Interestingly, I just let him be, so he writes left handed but does much right handed; I, on the other hand, write right handed, and do much left handed…. go figure. ;^)

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