A Breath of Fresh Air~

It finally snowed.  Winter seems complete.

We were teased with a dusting earlier in the day, then as night fell, the cotton-like flakes began to fall.  Within hours the ground was lightly covered, and as I stood at our back door glancing at the beauty, my dear husband came alongside me.  He mentioned how snow was like a cleansing of the earth.  How refreshing and pure the covering was.  It covers over the dirty of all things.  Much like Christ came, pure and sacrificial, cleansing us of our sins.   At least that  was the gist of it; what he really said was much longer, and poetic-like, and I stood numb, absorbed in the reality of how.much.my.husband.has.grown in wisdom.

Late that night, more like early morning, when the house was finally quiet and we crawled into bed, we peered out the window that is level at the head of our bed.  Snow still softly falling… streets now covered… silence.  and he opened the window for me.  simple really.  but I knew it was a gift to me, the one who knows me so well.  I breathed in the fresh air as an instant peace settled into my soul, laid my head to rest, and fell asleep.  What you do not know is I love fresh air.  I adore windows open, but in the winter I settle for a small fan by my head.  Husband is not always fond of the air blowing about, particularly on him, but he has always compromised well.  This small gift was a love gesture.  *smile*

Today was a winter wonderland.  We ended up with about 8″ of snow.  Everyone was up by 8 a.m., eager to go outside.  Another gift in the making; Fred took the littles out for awhile, then the bigger kids went out, then they all gathered to head down to the nearest school to build the “big” ball (a snowball usually the size of a small car, lol).  I don’t often join them.  Yeah, I know, it sounds like I’m a bore, but I like staying inside, keeping things warm (food, hot cocoa, blankets) and greeting them when they come in.  I *love* that my husband has always been the one to play in the snow with them outside; joyful, radiant, & fun spirited!  Tradition of sorts, I suppose.  So how do you enjoy your snow days?

6 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Air~

  1. We have LOVED our Winter Wonderland the past couple of days. Yesterday, we took a walk (when it was 18 degrees out), and went to the local school to go sledding. Mama may not be flying down the hill on the sled (like Papa does), but I am always right there with the camera.

    Glad you are enjoying some snow, as well.

    Laurel 🙂

  2. Oh, Sherri! I was there with you, standing and staring at white fluffy puffs of frozen beauty, kinda hidden from sight! I miss those moments and I, too, absolutely love fresh air…
    I loved the analogy of how clean everything looks and then I remembered how dirty snow becomes when it’s ridden over by dirty tires, and mixed with streets of dust and grime…and then I remembered when the snow was gone, the sun was shining and the dirt was magically gone!
    But, to watch it glisten on the lawn, light reflecting off the flakes makes me ALMOST WANT TO LIVE IN NY AGAIN…but not so much live with -2 degrees cold~
    If only winter lasted like say, six weeks…then sun, flowers, and shorts again!
    But alas, one can’t have everything…and I could fly up to NY and spend that much time with our daughter and my grandbabies, sipping hot cocoa and watching THEM play in the white powder…
    Thanks for letting me dream a bit…until I needed to go put socks on! Loved the pix! You should post more snow pix…!

    I’m thinking that I’m gonna spend the whole month of Feb. talking about love, Valentine’s, marriage, sex and all that good stuff on my blog!~
    Wanna join me?
    Blessed day to you, friend!~

  3. Yeah…I’m like you….all things warm. Nick too takes the kids out to do the cold things. They always give me a hard time…but they are becoming more accepting of this. Love you!

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