l.i.f.e. discovery~ January

We like sissy’s new easel.  *smile*
Everyone uses it; chalk, dry erase board, painting… it’s all things FUN!

For Preschool:

New year means new beginnings around here.  We went through the alphabet, learning to recognize the letters by shape.  This was our goal for the 3 yr olds.  We now begin again, going through the alphabet, learning to recognize the letters by sound.  Both Bryson & his lil friend Dustin will turn 4 in May, so this will be their 4 yr old goal.  New lessons, new activities, new fun times ahead!

Our AndrewOur sweet student.  For my newest readers, his challenges are Asperger’s Syndrome.  At this point we have no interest in getting him “officially” diagnosed, but after much research he fits into the classic struggles that aspies face.   With that in mind, he seems to pace himself about 2 yrs behind average milestones.

A new year means new beginnings around here.  *wink*
Andrew just turned 7 last month and well into his first grade year, while doing preschool work.  Randomly, as is fitting for him, his brain has finally clicked with blending his sounds and his willingness to “do” work.  Thus, we are officially beginning 1st grade THIS week.

1st grade goals for January:

comprehend beginning and ending.
Words~ beginning and ending sounds.
Sentences~ beginning and ending words.
Sequencing~  beginning and ending directions.  (this is needed for Andrew, 3 instructions to follow step by step, a skill he has not quite adapted yet, although his 3 yr old brother can.)

that easel has been fabulous!  The pressure needed to write w/ chalk has helped strengthen Andrew’s hand, and his confidence to try harder is building.  I call that a win/win.  =)

dice games, ADD it!, and counting to 100 (patterns of 10) are the most common activities.

Nursery Rhymes, Bible stories, and a Science book about bees.

Consistency is our biggest GOAL!

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