Q & A Homeschool Interrogation

Ah, the beauty of taking in a young man who is a public school student…

I am wondering if curiosity ever really killed the cat?  *hee*

Setting:  1st School day of being at our house… Justin is up and getting ready for school; 1/2 my children are awake but still lying in bed.

Question #1:
Soooo… TJ (14) is homeschooled too?”  Me: “yes” *grin*

Question #2:
Who teaches him?”  Me: “that would be me, although TJ’s brain works great and most things he can actually learn on his own.”  I am still grinning.

Question #3:
Here’s the classic….
hmmm, what about socialization?”  bwa-ha-ha- really I am trying to contain the laughter… Me:  ” really?  What more socialization do we need?  Have you met all the people in this home yet?  (mine you we have a strong opinioned dad, a reformed OCD mom, a pastor-gonna be son, an athlete, a go-by-the-rules guy, a precocious tad bossy sister, a sweet boy w/ personality quirks, a strong willed 3 yr old, AND a Grandma) Not to mention sports, church, extracurricular activities AND guess what?  We live!  Yep, we see folks of all walks of life at stores, events, post offices, and even when we volunteer.   Being limited to the same students around your same age in your school for the past 12 years, I would be more concerned with your socialization skills.”  *wink*

…fast forward to last week…toward the end of Christmas break..

Question #4:
so, I’m guessing I’ve been here what, 2 months? 1 month?”
Me:  “Yeah, about a month”
so, why is it I have never seen any ‘school work’ being done?
(there’s that darn cheesy smile of mine again)
Me:  “Well Justin, that would be because we are doing our school work …-when-you-are-in-school”

Question #5:
Can Andrew read anything?
Me:  “nope, not really” (Really he can, but not enough to lead me to say yes to this simple question).
and he is 7?”  (I think his eyebrow may have raised while asking this one).
Me:  “yes” *smile* “but I have already discussed Andrew’s challenges with you.  He is consistently about 2 yrs behind academically and socially.”
So when he was 2, he acted like an invalid baby?”  (ahhh, the ignorance of youth).
Me:  “No, actually he did have some obvious quirks as a baby, but as he reached 3, then 4, it was more obvious that things were different.   He potty trained at 4, not 2.  He learned his colors at 5, not 3.  He will mostly likely learn to read at 7, not 5.  It is just who he is, and that is o.k.”

Another thing that puzzles this young man is that one of my children is a home-body.  Simply loves to be home.  Doesn’t care for rowdy, noisy youth groups; prefers to hang out in our own home rather than go visit someone elses; etc.  So the concern was if this child had ANY friends?  (which he does have his select few, but truly his brothers are his #1 friends).  After all, this newest son of mine couldn’t live without his friends!    Yeah, I didn’t have the heart to list the statistic of how many of your “friends” stay in touch with you even 1 year after school, much less 5, 10, 20 years later.  Friends often wane in those younger years, but family is always family.

This may very well be an entertaining 6 months…. 

3 thoughts on “Q & A Homeschool Interrogation

    1. lol, just tonight (after this post!) he asked #6: What about P.E.
      Really? He sees the older guys lift weights most evenings; Katie is doing handstands constantly; and the littles? I can’t get them to quit running around in the house! This kid cracks me up! (He really is a nice guy, this just amuses me). Thanks for reading!

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