~January Goals~

We moved Katie’s desk downstairs recently.  It was in a little nook upstairs at the end of the hallway, but after her stunt of dragging ALL of the encyclopedias downstairs to sprawl them out on the floor because she was trying to “assign herself” an essay (and couldn’t choose a topic), I decided the desk would have better use downstairs.  It’s been a good choice.  *smile*

Undaunted Courage (Meriweather Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the America West).
-It is a bit of a technical start with getting the details and facts down to pace the setting, but I suspect in a few days the interest will ignite…

States & Capitals

Winter weather; specifically snow & ice.
Winter animals; hibernation study & bird watch.

All things Verbs!  Helping verbs, irregular verbs, verb phrases, & tenses; oh my!

TJ- ratios, square roots, & pi.
Katie- mixed fractions, adding/subtracting fractions.
Savannah- money & time.

TJ- For fun, TJ read the Left Behind Teen series #1-#25 all through December.  Because he has such an interest in it, he can continue to finish the series this month.  Thankfully our library has the whole set, thus we can check out #26-40!  yay!
Katie- She never started the Helen Keller book last month due to being sidetracked about assigning herself essays, thus she will begin now.
Savannah- I invested in a ton of horse books for this girl.  She loves horses, she rides horses, she talks about horses; we mine as well use that to our (and her) benefit.  *smile*

We are beginning some formal writing this half of the year.  Up til now, we have been doing mostly copywork and random assignments.    The 5 paragraph essay is our goal at the end of the school year.  This will be an interesting balance as Katie needs structure to get her thoughts aligned while writing (no lack of info, that’s for sure), where as TJ writes specific and to the point but needs more confidence to elaborate more information.  Savannah will be working on detail.  She, too, is straight to the point, in which I will be teaching all the kids some ‘writing tricks’ to spark variety in their writing.

I did it.  I invested in a French Program, and it’s on it’s way.  Nick really wants to learn conversational French, no “memorize” French.  I can “read” (decipher) much French, but I cannot “read” (articulate) much French, thus I am not a very effective French teacher.  Aunt Chanelle was fabulous for the 2 year season we had her guidance, but that is not an option anymore.  So Nick, Katie, & I will be using this program.
Spanish, on the other hand, I have had some experience with, & can fairly get along at this point for learning basics, so TJ, Katie, the littles, & I will play along for awhile with this.  *smile*

TJ- weight lifting, snowboarding, & basic car mechanics.
Katie- piano, drawing, & sewing.
Savannah- horse riding lessons.

The Long Winter (Laura Ingalls)

The Screwtape Letters (revisited, and read aloud by Dad)
The Study of James (revisited, and read aloud by Mom)

His willingness & rhythm for learning have finally connected.  Short, consistent lessons have been beneficial.  We really are at the core basics.  Capital beginnings/ending marks.  Word families.  Sentence arranging.  But for him, attitude is everything, and he’s been doing great!

So our days are re-adjusted a bit.  I am down to 3 days a week with Savannah for a bit.  Her Nana will help her the other 2 days.  I had to cut back for awhile until we know more about how Grandma M is doing.  Hopefully things will improve soon, and Savannah can join us full time again!

And for the dear mom who asked how I can get everything done in a day… THIS is all a monthly goal, which often times seeps into the following month, and sometimes even the next!  And frankly, all my super fabulous oh so carefully laid out plans of last summer have vanished.  I don’t even think I stayed on track for nearly a quarter of the things I had outlined.  Note that I do not have a single Robinson Curriculum book listed at all this month.  It’s just the way it is.

Sometimes life IS the lesson, and we just keep learning as a lifestyle.

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