Daybook Ponderings~ 2012~ Week 1

With our days being full of serving for others, this mom finds herself behind on housework.  I admit my inner thoughts on ‘clean’ lean towards OCD, but I do feel I have laid out a balance between attitude and expectation over the years.   It’s been 6 months since our big move, and I have yet to establish our chore routine.  I will head back towards assigning jurisdictions.

Speaking of cleaning, this would be part of our schoolroom.  Along with tidying up the place, mid year (and new year) is a great time to re-vamp plans.  Do I dare admit that the carefully laid out plans created this past summer have taken a huge detour?  And that teaching 5 different learning levels does not always go so smoothly?

*That one student needs to be assigned extra work because she devours all things learning.
*That another student needs the freedom to choose some things on their own, because independence is an important life skill.
*That one of our students needs more hands on activity to stay out of trouble (ie our own lil Dennis the Menace).
*That another student needs to be stretched beyond the labels of a title, and strive to do her best, regardless of outcome.
*And that last, but not least student that will be taught the lesson of perseverence of effort, even if the very least of the lesson is obedience and cooperation, all the while learning to read.
*The phantom student who is really in a “gap” year, while needing some mentoring of direction.  One who excels at effort, but lacks at motivation.  yes, schooling, nor parenting stops when the child is 18.  =)

With much of the year past year being based on responsibility & leadership, I am pleased to see my husband going out with the big kids to spend the day snowboarding!  (left to right:  Nick, Dad, Joe, Amber, & TJ).

With our hearts & home open towards young people,  we tend to set preparation on the wayside, and simply embrace the moments as they come.  Our no-plans New Year Eve ended up with 5 additional big kids!  Yay!
We had a Scrabble game (I won), a Table Tennis Tournament (Fred won), and a Spoons competition (Fred won), and 30 minute round of Apples to Apples…  needless to say, my ‘prizes’ were hard to give away.  (Why are the parents winning anyways?  lol).  So I had dollar coins to pass out to “the best effort“, to “the best stunt“, and to “the #1 loser“.  *smile*

We are so grateful to God for the simple provisions he supplies us with.  Even in a slower economy, with less pay, and more bills, we somehow keep managing on one income.  How grateful I am to be home with my kids, grateful for a hard-working husband, grateful that we are all healthy, grateful to embrace this season of family fellowship all under one roof.  Indeed my life is full of riches of His kindness & grace.

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.  Matthew 21:22


One thought on “Daybook Ponderings~ 2012~ Week 1

  1. well said my friend! Glad you were able to get a giggle out of my post on CM Sampler 🙂 it is true-this school year (up to now) has kicked me outta my comfy zone and I have been winging it a tad more than usual. Seems like you are too! But hey-gotta go with the flow. I too am like you-thankful to be home with the kids and survive on one income (altho it is tough) and have a hubby who is hard working. Happy New Year!

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