A New Year…

New hope…

New goals…

New journeys...

New books!  .

A new Word…


Grandma Dee had eye surgery this past month.  Two eye surgeries.  The “bad” eye is not SO bad anymore, and the “good” eye is better!    To see, read, drive… life is better.
Grandma M has had doctor appointments also.  We look forward to getting some answers to puzzling challenges, to help her work her way back to wellness.

I don’t particularly care for “New Year’s Resolutions” but rather a chance at new beginnings.  Part of this, for me, is going back to “Takin’ Care of Mama“.  And yes, I will begin this with a 30 Day Challenge~ Walk 100 miles in 30 Days.  Did I accomplish it last year?  nope.  Why try again?  Because I can do it.  =)

oh gravy, not so sure about this one.  *smile*  No major missions trips planned…yet.  We are still on training ground…but we are open to the Lord’s leading.  For now, we have very.good.friends heading on the mission field within the next year, Lord willing.  One of our journeys will be to help them move; a road trip to Mexico!

Old books really, but they make me smile!
A beautiful gift towards my children’s education.


Let not your heart be troubled, BELIEVE in God, believe also in Me.
John 14:1

The more we open ourselves to others, the more my heart is laid on the line;
No expectations except the belief that God is in control, that His will & way always have a purpose.

2 thoughts on “A New Year…

  1. Awesome photo! Old books, new books ~ I love them all! 🙂
    Your challenge inspires me! I need to set some concrete goals.
    I pray that you have much success in your challenge and in traveling the narrow road in 2012!

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