His Grace, our home

Another son is added to our home.

Note that he doesn’t know all our family rules yet…
it is cold…
and icy…
and we were skating around the block…
the new son does not have pants or a coat on…
silly boy ;^)  (yes, he is a man-child, but that doesn’t matter when I’m the mom).

Here are some of our other boys:
left to right; Andrew, TJ, Nick, & Joe

Here is our youngest boy (Bryson)
Our evening has been full of fun.  We are out “ice skating” around the neighborhood.  Poor Bry Guy wiped out 3 times and was no longer happy, his wee tushy could only handle so many crashes.  

Even Grandma M joined us for our jaunt around the block!  Andrew was precious by taking our hand to help us up on curbs because it was so slippery out.  *smile*  and yes, for those who notice details, I am in my robe.  I am in my robe because I was just previously enjoying a warm fire while we were decorating our tree… not realizing we were headed out for a neighborhood adventure.

We had a fabulous family day!  Us ladies had a lovely tea party while the guys went out to get the Christmas tree.

We decorated the tree, we ice skated outside, we went back inside to played hide-n-seek in the dark.  I might add that Bryson & I won the first round.  woot! woot!  He was awesomely quiet.  *cheesy grin*

Some folks are concerned about our decision to add another person to our family with so much already going on in our lives.  I truly appreciate those who care.  There are seasons in life when we are given help, and in God’s timing we will have the opportunities to pass on the generosity.  This is such a time.  Justin simply needs a place to call home while finishing up his senior of highschool.  We can’t offer anything fancy, after all we do live off of one income.  We share rooms, we have basic meals, we even borrow each others clothes at times, but we can offer laughter, love, prayer, and acceptance. 

After all, Christianity isn’t about religion, but about relationships, eh?

2 thoughts on “His Grace, our home

  1. No matter how many we already have at home … no matter how many kids share a bedroom (often 3 or 4) … no matter how low our income (zero right now) … we have ALWAYS made room for one more.

    So happy that you have opened your home to this young man.

    BLESSINGS to you this Christmas week.

    Laurel 🙂

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