December Goals~

I refuse to let the beauty of this season become a chaotic holiday.

We will lay aside our usual studies in order to embrace the Spirit of Christmas;
hope, peace, joy, & love.

Yes, we are following the Jesse Tree devotional- that is, following Jesus’ family lineage through the ancient of times.  We are taking time each day to see the fulfilling of promises and prophecies, proving and proclaiming truth along the way, and applying it to the present times.

We are doing many hand on activities;
Trying out several concoctions to create cinnamon ornaments.
Investigating our fingerprints, along with designing gift tags at the same time.
Observing holly, ivy, and greenery.
Creating bells, recognizing the sound variations.
Origami- gift boxes.

Language Arts:
Christmas newsletters; Christmas Cards; Writing assignments on the variety of symbolic objects of Christmas; this is plenty of exposure to copywork, handwriting, punctuation, spelling, etc.

We bake during this season… a lot!  Fudge, sugar cookies, snowballs, gingerbread men, etc…
Let’s face it, cooking requires math skills, especially when quadrupilizing (yes, I know it’s not really a word) a recipe!  add in measuring, fractions, and the cost, and this alone is a full on math assignment!  =)
Then, of course, there is the annual date with Mom (me).  Each sibling gets to go out on a date w/ me to shop for their siblings.  They receive $50 for this event.  They are quite creative on the value and meaning behind the present they choose for each brother or sister.  They observe sales, needs, wants; they juggle the balance of the gifts also.  After all, one brother can get a $25 gift of something he really wanted, and wee brother can get three $1 gifts from the dollar store that he will be thrilled with, and voila, everyone is happy.  *smile*

This is a freebie month.  Each student reads what they want.  TJ is still devouring the teen Left Behind series, Katie is beginning a 500 + page book on Helen Keller, and Savannah will be encouraged to continue reading a book about horses.  Andrew is just now (finally) beginning to read books with one sentence pages, which he continues to practice often while we still introduce new books to him.

We are doing a study of the different names of God that are in the Bible.  We are using this as a countdown to Christmas.  I found the information here and here.

Foreign Language:
Well, I have to admit this is quite amusing at times.  We are on a very slow-n-steady approach, slow being the defining word.  *cheesy grin*  Not sure if I have shared our process as of yet.  I have Nick who wants to continue with his French studies, TJ who much rather simply learn Spanish, and Katie who is over-zealous to learn both.  It is quite the scene in our laid back environment:
Looking at Nick “Comment t’appelles-tu?” and he replies, glance at TJ “Como esta?” and he replies, all the while Katie squirms and “oo oo oo’s” at me, in which I finally say “Como te llama?  (Sp) Comment ca va?” (Fr).  Andrew is familiar with some French, listens to the Spanish; Bryson uses some French, not sure about the Spanish.  We have core words down and are blending them into sentences, but answers do not come quite naturally yet, at least not without a pause first.  Small phrases are used often; I love you, be quiet, where are you, please and thank you’s, etc.
Christmas greetings are fun!  =)

Random acts of kindness will be displayed this month.  Service to others will be emphasized.  Caring and sharing will be encouraged.
Secret “angel” to a kind old lady around the corner, singing at a nursing home, being patient with one another (isn’t this a life long lesson at every season?), volunteering at Toys for Tots (still looking into this), and picking from the Angel Tree.  We will also pray about choosing a child from Compassion International to sponsor, something to ponder seriously as a life commitment.

So many lessons to learn during this should-be thoughtful season, and I vow to stay calm and joyful in all things, displaying His grace in our circumstances, knowing full well that we have already received the best gift in the world over 2000 years ago….

~Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord~

5 thoughts on “December Goals~

  1. Sheri, this is just what I needed to read! Thank you for sharing your Christmas joy and cheeriness. We’ve been on the road since before Thanksgiving and it has been hard to get into the christmas spirit..but displaying joy and His grace in all our circumstances is a must! Thank you!
    Merry Christmas,

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