Our fall days seem to fill with the changing seasons.  The rhythm of our days seem to shift as often as the weather lately.   How does one mom juggle many responsibilities but by the grace of God

Homeschool mornings:
I got rhythm.  sort of.
TJ (9th gr)- read, write, math.  If only to get the core studies out of the way, it defaults any mommy guilt of not getting to the rest of the studies when other needs arise in our day.
Katie (4th gr) & Savannah (6th gr)- grammar, spelling, copywork, language arts followed by a science read.  Once I give the grammar lesson the rest is independant work.  Thankfully…
as Andrew (1st gr) needs my attention.  This sweet aspie of mine easily entertains himself, easily gets overlooked when the turn of another’s needs muddle in the mix of his turn with me.   Mommy guilt sets in, but I grasp every small moment I find to still nurture, guide, & educate this special student of mine.   And gratefully, he may learn best by the application of this ‘living’ education.  Of laying tummy down on my bed with our chins in our hands, staring outside at the world.  To discuss the geese heading south, the horses in the field, the transformation of the trees, winter readiness, clouds, the starry nights and heaven itself.  Other time we snuggle in the bed and count, add, ponder equations; we play spelling games with Katie in the car; we read nursery rhymes and poetry together; we explore the backyard, or go for nature walks; we play with neighbors and learn lessons about character; we pray.  And I smile when littlest brother has been listening in, and expresses his fascination of discovering our fruit trees with no leaves; of finding a leaf; of seeing snow on the hills.   So when Andrew’s best friend is already reading chapter books, writing stories, and whipping out the math facts, and her mom, my best friend actually sees how little my son is capable of doing these core studies, I go here and whisper “amen”.

Homeschool afternoons:
Grandma M has some health concerns, and our afternoons are mixed with helping her.  She is loved, emotions sometimes run high, needs are always met… by the grace of God
Sometimes I feel that TJ is not getting quite getting the education that I want him to have for his highschool transcripts.  I realize that God is filling it in by other means.  When we use to have a precious new sibling join us, I would say sometimes the baby IS the lesson.  Well, Grandma M is the lesson;  compassion, prayers, unconditional love begin to transform our lives.  And I am grateful for the oldest brother who has moved back home for a season as he takes TJ under his wing.  He is giving him basic mechanic lessons, doing weight training with him, and spending time teaching him about fitness and nutrition.  Then I read this, and know he is doing fine.

In the midst of homeschooling 4 children, and doing preschool for 2 rowdy boys, and loving on Grandma, along with Bible study on Mondays, teaching preschoolers science on Tuesdays, helping in the nursery for our Wed. night church activities, and joining friends for Fun Friday activities, followed by my husband and I mentoring young men as needed, and opening our homes to teens who just want to drop by to visit…. Can you just imagine what my house looks like?  Ok, so I am a bit OCD with the concept of ‘clean’, but seriously, Mt Washmore alone seems to rumble quite often.  So on Sunday I blurted out “Guess what today is?”  (in which 2 of my sons said it was Seahawk Day).  It was “Help Keep Mom Sane” day, and I listed every tidious house chore I could think of, cut, folded, and placed them in a bowl.  4 of the my beautiful offspring, along with Joe’s girlfriend, whipped out the chores in less than an hour.  And to top off everything, my amazing husband scrubbed and sparkled the bathrooms!  I felt like I could function again. 

Which leads me to “Takin’ Care of Mama”:
So one of the things to help me keep it all together is to take care of myself.  Because of having a history of an eating disorder, I have to be careful of what my motives are.  Fitness is a beautiful thing.  It gives you energy, mental clarity, mobility, a new found strength.  My health is important to me.  I am very well aware of how old I should be when my youngest becomes an adult, and I want to be here as long as I can for him.  That being said, I have had a wonderful time striving to get fit.  A few ladies at church do Zumba, which is so much fun, and there is NO mirrors (yay!), and we follow up with prayer.  It is such a win/win for me.  I also walk or do TaeBo on the weekends.  I try not to focus on numbers.  You know, like the size I am, or the weight I am, or the measurements I am…  :^o
I just want to ‘feel’ better, I want to NOT have a New Year’s resolution, I want to be active and embrace life at its fullest… by the grace of God.  

God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.  2 Corinthians 9:8

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