A Glimpse of the Journey…

Fred and I know we are being led onto the mission field.

We know it involves reaching out to the next generation of young men in our society. 
The lost age of transition…
where boys are no longer taught how to be men; how to be a real man.
How to be accountable, responsible, and to work towards righteous things.
How to make a difference, to matter, to care, to trust God.

Our week has been incredibly busy. 

I began a Bible study with some lovely ladies.   
deep ponderings, soul searching, grace filled findings.
Dear husband worked out of town part of the week.

Our precious (great) grandma went to be with Jesus this week
(sad for us, but glorious for her)

Grandma M has ended up with a abscessed tooth;
soft foods, meds, sleep has been her survival the past few days

We began our science course with a co-op.  Yay!  I am teaching the preschoolers. 
So much fun!  TJ is getting to do chemistry too, so this is a huge win/win. 

and ofcourse we did our usual school activities throughout the week.

And we had this young man stay at our house for a few days. 
Life has challenges, and Fred is coming alongside the circumstance to give guidance.

He followed our house rules, made himself comfortable, AND
took over in the kitchen the first night.  This kid glanced in our fridge, pulled out some leftovers, and whipped up a meal that fed 6 young men.  It was so cool.  That night we told jokes, did magic tricks, reminisced some funny stories, and overall had a wonderful time.  We stayed up way too late, but it was worth it.  Little did we know that this young man had turned 18 that night, and never had mentioned it was his birthday!!

Then we had another friend stop by later in the week.  Actually, it was a group of teens.  Our doorbell rang about 9:30 p.m.  and I had 6 sets of eyes staring back at me when I opened the front door!  Some kids had gone to the movies, and out to ice cream, and were bored.  So what do they decide?  Hey, the Hollingers are always up, and viola, they stop by.  I thought it was great!  I whipped out Apples to Apples, and they played until curfew time.  One of the boys, however, is on my naughty list   ;^)  because he played with my camera *ahem* and the 30 pictures I took that night wont pull up now on my computer.  (mama bear growl)  So in honor of this young man, here is a picture of him w/ our Nick (on left) after playing soccer.

We are fortunate to have these young people trusting us, and it is blessing to be a part of their lives.  We know God is  preparing our hearts, our willingness, and our knowledge for a bigger plan as we are just venturing down this narrow path of following His will… and may we say… “let the journey continue”  

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