November Goals~ L.I.F.E. Academy

We have a new classroom pet!

Tuttle the Turtle has been with us several years now.

Betta the Fish was just given to us from a neighbor.

We have not named our pets, but simplicity seems to be a common theme don’tcha think?

Katie’s Floral Arrangement class is going well.

November Goals~

LANGUAGE ARTS:  adverbs, direct objects, & quotations.

WRITING:  It’s NaNoWriMo month!  yay!
(NAtional NOvel WRiting MOnth)
Katie thrived doing this last year and is excited to begin again!
TJ, on the other hand, does not care for writing, thus we are getting creative…
He’s going comic-book style.  *smile*

HISTORY:  Helen Keller

GEOGRAPHY:  rain/wind/snow, water vaporization, dew/clouds

TJ- He has painfully spent 3 months on Swiss Family Robinson, and is pleased to move on.  We are going with the Left Behind (teens) series.    A lighter read, but he is already devouring them, so the love of reading is kicking back in.
Katie- The 5 Little Peppers
Savannah-  The Tale of Pony Twinkleheels.

TJ-  all about perimeters, areas, & volumes
Katie-  temperatures, addition/subtraction of fractions
Savannah-  money, & story problems.

continuing our TREE study; there is so much to still cover.
Leaf, Seeds, & more;  All things so beautiful!

Hiaku and Prayer Poems

Spanish- clothing, counting
French- review clothing, counting

Sharing some poetry from last month:

Lantern Poems

Katie:     Bird
         in the woods
   eating good worms

TJ:         Beef
    lots of ketchup

Nick:       Cake
         pink frosting

A season of focusing on Gratitude.
May your month be full of thanksgiving & praise!

Psalm 100:4
Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise;
Give thanks to Him and praise His name!

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