Homeschooling is not fun….

or is it? 

The scenario:
Catching up with a church aquaintance at a life group.  She homeschools 2 lovely daughters.  Her oldest daughter was in the Sunday School class we taught before leaving for our 2 yr out-of-town hiatus. 

The conversation went like this:
Mrs. Nice, “So who’s being homeschooled this year?”
Me, ” Tj is in 9th grade, Katie is in 4th, Andrew is in 1st, and I am homeschooling tutoring a 6th grade girl.  Oh, and we are doing preschool for Bryson and a buddy a few days a week., and Grandma hangs out with us as well”
Mrs. Nice, “Well you sound busy!”
Me, “Nah, homeschooling is fun!”
Mrs. Nice, “fun?  homeschooling in not fun.”
Me, “really?  We have fun.”
Mrs. Nice, “well what’s fun about it?”
hmmm… haven’t really been directly asked this before… so I ponder for a sec…
Me, “well, we get our basics (reading, writing, & arithmetic) out of the way, then everything else is fun stuff.
Mrs. Nice:  blank stare
Me, “you know, like cooking, crafts, science experiments, nature studies… fun stuff”.
Mrs. Nice, “Homeschooling is hard.  It has always been hard”.
I notice Katie walking by:  “Katie, do you like school?”  “yes”  “is it fun?”  “yes” as she skips off to play.
(phew!  I was beginning to wonder, lol)
Mrs. Nice, “Well our girls are in highschool and it is not fun.”
Me, ever-so-non-chalantly,  “well, we love it”
I did not have the heart to tell Mrs. Nice that we just graduated our oldest homeschooler this past May and 

It left me pondering perspectives. 
Sure there is pressure. 
Sure there is doubt. 
Sure there is wondering if it is all enough.


I find it priceless…
to learn alongside my children.
to nurture their self esteem.
to guide their interests.
to watch them thrive.


Field trips!  yay!  The Pumpkin Patch!

Slides, corn mazes, animals to pet, hayrides, catipulting pumpkins
all make for a busy afternoon.

followed by a day of dissecting pumpkins.

Guessing circumferences, weight, and seed count.
Clearly we haven’t spent much time w/ pumpkins.
Seed count guesses:  20, 14, 50, & 100.  Actual count:  397


5 thoughts on “Homeschooling is not fun….

  1. Hearing about your homeschooling and the joy you have, encourages me on. My older son doesn’t enjoy school as much, and I wonder if I am doing to much, since it is so hard to shed the “they need to do this, this, this, this and that”. I think I have some praying to do and some restructuring so we can have more “fun”. My son is always asking me when he can have a day off. Hmmmm that might be a clue!

    1. note that I didn’t say ‘easy’, lol. My older son is in a lull right now too. Trying to ponder a different bent for Nov/Dec for him. Change his focus a bit. Going media free for a few months might help, although he wouldn’t agree. ;^)

  2. I, too, have asked Daddy God for a different heart toward the journey we’re on…CHANGE ME, GOD, TO BE A FUN MOM! Soooo, in light of that, He’s showing me, via my time spent in the Word and praying diligently for help, to:
    SMILE. Laugh at their antics. Wrestle with them. Listen more. Tickle them. Walk alongside them on this journey, bringing hope and life, rather than sarcasm and frustration…this list could go on and on…
    The marvelous thing is that I’m enjoying this journey sooo much more and am no longer asking myself why I do this and it’s halted the lies that they ‘don’t respect you’…it’s a lie.
    Whew…well, I could go on. Perhaps I need to write a post about it! Ha!!
    Thanks for the encouragement. I can always use a shot in the arm!
    Blessings on your night.

      1. Oh my, yes, absolutely…we can’t give what we don’t have…and we can only give Life is Life is flowing through us!
        I think I will write a post…not sure when I’ll have a block of time to write…helping with the Haiti garage fundraiser on Sat. from 7-6 pm.! Whew! It always takes me sooo long to think through what I write.
        Have a great weekend.

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