L.I.F.E. Academy~ October goals

I find it fascinating that our apple tree is drafted to give us 4 varieties of apples.  I was quite puzzled for sometime, lol.  Our fruit trees and other bushes are ready for pruning thus we will be learning the details of how to do this.  As much as I love nature and as much nature studies as we do, I clearly lack the green thumb of caring for such things, but we will attempt.  *smile*


Language Arts:  Prepositional Phrases

Science:  All about trees.  =)   Bushes, shrubs, deciduous, & evergreen.  I am hoping for lots of hands on projects through all this.  Isn’t fall the most fabulous time to study such things?

History:  The Life of Davy Crockett
Geography:  Plains, Hills, Mountains, & Valleys

TJ- Swiss Family Robinson
Savannah-  Life of Jolly Robin
Katie-  Witch of Blackbird Pond

TJ-   all about angles, review decimals, percentages, & fractions.
Savannah-  memorizing multiplication fact family of 4’s,  intro to division.
Katie-  introduction to fractions, review measurements.

Foreign Language- 
Learning Spanish colors & casual/formal greetings
while reviewing French colors & casual/formal greetings.

Poetry:  How to write a triplet, quatrain, & quinzain poem.
I have the girls working through Primary Language Lessons, in which much poetry and works of art are shared, thus I have temporarily stopped our specific Fine Art studies that we usually do of 1 composer, 1 artist, and 1 poet studied per month.

Andrew’s goals
is for mom, yes me, to become more consistant with his lessons.  The child loves to talk and learn much, just not from a desk sitting down and doing it.  *sigh*  When I have that sorted to how that actually looks (much of a montesorri/waldorf style), I will gladly share it with you all.   This month the goal is to get our long a/short a sounds comprehended, work on basic addition facts, practice handwriting, be still during story time, and to participate in activity time.  Blending his learning activities between the preschoolers and older student proves to be quite the juggling act, but he is so worth it!   

4 thoughts on “L.I.F.E. Academy~ October goals

  1. Sheri, I am amazed at how much you’re able to accomplish in a day. How do you do geography? Do you have a book that you’re using?

    Dawn (from RCUsers4Christ)

    PS. Neat apple tree! I am a fellow nature lover who is terrible at keeping things alive, too.

  2. Dawn,
    Little consistant nuggets every day. =)
    Everything cept math is about 30 min per subject.
    Geography, for this year, is a book I downloaded from homeschoolfreebieoftheday.com. Home Geography- it is basically about the land forms and waterscapes. We also (for fun) use a geo-safari game to learn about continents, seas, countries, states, etc.
    2 rules to a successful homeschool day….
    baby steps
    slow down to embrace the small moments.
    ;^) Sheri

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