Boys… and their toys

Boys young men can make toys out of anything.

Dear husband had some help cleaning out the garage and building shelves this week end.  After all the hard work, the guys found time to play.

Items of interest:  A Polly Pocket bicycle helmet, toy guns, safety goggles, toy golf clubs, beanie hat, swimming goggles.

These boys went hunting this morning before stopping by our house and being put to work.   They give their youth generation a good name;  helpful, hardworking, and know how to have good clean fun.

re-enactment of an elk (I think?)

I don’t know, it looks like a tough catch to me  *smile*

We enjoy the life that guys can bring into a house.
Humor, intelligent conversation, toughness, heart, and a whole lot of fun.

Thank you guys, hope you enjoyed the steak dinner.  =)

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