L.I.F.E. Academy

September past…

We went on a few nature hikes.  We had the opportunity to discuss the difference between edible berries and poisoned berries.

And how to find a drinkable water source.

We enjoyed a hands-on study of the Wooly Bear caterpillar;

and have been observing the geese migrating south for the winter.

We also had the opportunity to witness a duck getting butchered.  Our friends raise ducks in which many of the females are kept for laying eggs.  The males, however, are not so lucky, and are used for dinners.   Although I am not really into this kind of thing (the details of it all), it is definitely a teachable moment

How to raise ducks.
The many purposes of ducks.
How to joint poultry (cut up the meat sections)
Anatomy of ducks (external as well as internal)
How to cook and serve duck.

*ok, so I had a picture of all the internal organs, which we were all able to label, but thought I would spare you from the details.  =) 

The upside to all this is that a single mom of 2 small children chose to have a couple of birds for their upcoming Thanksgiving  main course.

And TJ receives a biology w/ “labs” credit for the ‘dissection’.

Joe bought a new (to him) car.  So TJ is lucky enough to also start working on his Basic Mechanics course. 

Katie decided to create her own paint pallet (using a paper plate) and spent several days painting many things.

Live portraits were her favorite!

She is also taking a Floral Arrangement class.  So far she has worked w/ silk flowers for a vase arrangement, and this week worked with fresh cut flowers.  Simply beautiful.

We also studied a few poetry styles.

Color Nature Poem
by Katie

Green are the leaves,
That float from the trees.

A Couplet Poem
by TJ

A skunk enjoys a flower,
yet his stink makes you cower.

We are actually wrapping up our 1st quarter of this school year, the time has gone by so fast!  I hope to list our October goals soon.  *smile*

2 thoughts on “L.I.F.E. Academy

  1. Love the pix…I’m five weeks into the quarter and life is finally settling down. As long as we keep doing things like making brownies for science~

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