Random Kindness….

We have a nice neighbor lady who gave us homemade blackberry jam and 2 jars of applesauce this past month. 

We also have a lovely small town friend who gave us a whole case of apple butter recently.   yumm!

This is what I found on our school table when I got home from my Zumba class!
ok, so it was my birthday (& fred’s birthday too), but I had no clue where these flowers came from.

Me:  Where did the flowers come from (picture a puzzled face, lol)
Nick:  shrugs his shoulders
Me:  Well, how did they get here?
Andrew:  pops his face around a corner, ” D’s mom brought them here!”
Me:  “uh, did you answer the door?”
Andrew:  “yes”
Me:  “All by yourself?”
Andrew:  “yep!”  …said with much pride  (oh my)

So Grandma, Nick (18), & TJ (14) were all sleeping, and Andrew took charge;
fortunately it was a  friend who had a good laugh I’m sure,
and me, well I am backpeddling through the ‘house rules when mommy is gone’ scenario.

On the upside… the flowers are BEAUTIFUL.

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